We Help Stressed Out Mums Take Back Their Bodies and Lives With Fun, Results Focused Group Training

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Why We Are Different

The Body Shapers

  • Fun, supportive environment with other like-minded women where you feel welcomed
  • Support and accountability from our team that's invested in your results
  • In house nutritionist to coach you to eating success
  • High-energy, functional workouts that change every session to never get stale and keep you motivated
  • Our personal guarantee on toning up, getting fit and enjoying the whole process

Standard Gyms

  • Overcrowded and Intimidating Atmosphere
  • No one acknowledges you or knows you
  • Don't take any responsiblitly for whether you get results or now
  • PT is extra and overpriced
  • Boring training methods of treadmills and machines that make you plateau
  • No accountability if you lose motivation and stop going

Our Community Of Body Shapers....

Every day Mum's who are committed to making time for themselves so they can give back to their families and live with confidence.

The Incredible Story Behind The Body Shapers and Why We Are Dedicated To Helping Mums

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Meet The Team

Head Coach and Founder - David Mifsud

After growing up as the fat kid in school, leading an unhealthy life and struggling through each day with little confidence, David found the way to resolve all these issues through his new found passion for training and nutrition. This journey has ignited a fire inside of him to share with the world what changed his life so much and give back to the people around him.

As a qualified personal trainer, a background in studying exercise science and with real life experience changing his own body and mind, David knows exactly what it takes to transform someone into the person they want to look and feel like. He understands the struggles the average person deals with when trying to control their body and health, leading him to develop strategies that actually work for the average person.

David's other passions include an obsession with sports and competing. He was a state level cricketer in high school as well as being sportsperson of the year in his graduating year. He wants to win at everything especially when it comes to his clients results. He leaves no stone unturned when working with clients. He knows how to cut through all the crap out there on the internet and from supposed experts. He understands how to get the most out of your time so that you can live a better life as a result of your improved health and body. No obstacle is too large to be overcome. They are simply opportunities to be a better you. Your full potential is waiting to be realised and David can show you how!

Head Nutritionist - Jessica Mahoney

Jess leads the nutrition department at The Body Shapers with years of experience and knowledge.

Her passion for helping woman fuel their body with the right nutrition led her to years of university study to really understand how the body works. This nutrition degree helps her develop proven, scientifically back nutrition plans that deliver results both short AND long-term.

She knows there is no one-size fits all diet and any program that promotes that doesn't consider what each person truly needs. She constantly learns, improves and innovates with both clients and her own experiences.

Having her wealth of knowledge means every member here has their nutrition 100% where it needs to be for their goals.

Head Of Training - Vien Diep

Vien brings years of experience to the team and specialises in custom training programs for women to lose weight and tone up regardless of their current level.

His passion for fitness and training started from simply wanting to build his own confident body. This innocent beginning evolved into his burning passion to learn more and more about what it takes to transform someones body.

Forever learning, applying, experimenting and delivering, his skills as a trainer constantly grow meaning better and better results for every member he works with.

His training expertise is only trumped by his care for each person he works with: resulting in his approach always being guided by wanting the best for each member. By training people at their own level, allowing them to succeed every workout and increasing their confidence session by session, every member not only sees their desired results, but enjoys the process.

Few PT's have the skill-set and passion Vien displays and each member knows they are getting workouts that will move them forwards.

We Believe That With A Supportive Environment And The Right Approach Anyone Can Build A Body They Are Confident And Comfortable In.

Our goal for every woman we work with is to bring out the healthiest version of themselves and thus live the most fulfilled life possible.

We do that with the right environment, support, training and nutrition protocols.

Our training is done in small groups with highly skilled personal trainers there to guide each person at their own pace.

This is crucial for anyones success as larger, one size fits all group training programs almost always leave the unfit members gasping for air while the fittest still have more in the tank.

It is often luck of the draw if the workout will be at your level. When you have it tailored to where you are at, the results are 5X.

It is the closest thing to 1 on 1 PT you can get without the extravagant prices of often $80-100 per hour.

This is why our model is so effective as it allows each woman to get the quality and quantity of workouts with a PT, at a sustainable and affordable rate.

We have a fully qualified nutritionist on the team as well who specialises in tailored nutrition plans to promote weight management, health and energy.

This allows us to use methods back by science and proven to be effective for health goals. All without the fads and gimmicks too many people promote that simply fail long-term.

By combining the individualised training programs with science back nutrition methods, we deliver long-term body transformations.

If you want to learn more about fitness, nutrition and how to change your body then you can also checkout our blog full of helpful and actionable fitness tips.

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