Conquering Chin-ups: How To Get Your 1st Chin-up

There aren’t many more rewarding exercises than banging out bodyweight chin-ups…

But if you don’t progress appropriately to them it will feel a lot like climbing mount Everest!

There tend’s to be 2 camps I find in the land of chin-up challengers:

  1. Those who just avoid it because it looks scary, hard and they don’t want to look silly in the gym (we’ve all been there)
  2. Those who try to do the full movement when they are nowhere near strong enough. Which gets them very little benefit (and actually does make them look a bit silly)

Instead, here’s the way to progress from a chin-up chump to pull-up princess

My demonstrator Lola in the video actually has the most incredible story behind her chin-up progression.

She was at one point over 120kg’s before going on a mission to get healthy.

She came to me with a goal of getting that first chin-up.

It took us over 9 months of consistent training with our groups at The Body Shapers, but she got there.

Humble brag: Her best is 10 straight.

You can watch more of her story here >

For those who prefer to read, here are all the steps to the chin-up laid out (the video helps a lot though):

  1. Lowering down only with bands

Use a strong resistance band and either jump or get assistance then lower yourself down under control.

3 sets of 5-10 is plenty and look to increase the reps or use a less resistant band.

2. Full rep with bands

Instead of just the lowering portion, now you’ll pull yourself up the entire rep.

Ensure you still lower down under control and don’t bounce up from the bottom.

Again 3 sets 5-10 then use less and less resistance on bands

3. Bodyweight lowering down

Remove the bands and jump up to the top then lower down under control.

Aim for 5-7 seconds on the way down and 3 sets of 3 reps is normally plenty for most people.

Add weight once bodyweight isn’t too challenging (as we showed in the video)

4. Full chin-up with a ‘bounce’

As in the video before you go for a dead hang chin-up practice lowering down from the top and using a bit of a ‘bounce’ to get the rep started.

This makes the often challenging bottom part of the movement easier at first

5. Dead hang chin-up

Voila! Now you can nail out at least a single chin-up.

Do them 1 at a time for a good few weeks as you want to keep your form solid.

Before you know it you’ll be cranking out 2,3 or more in a row.

Hope you learned a bit from that, now go out and get chinning.

If you have any other questions connect with us on Facebook at ‘The Body Shapers’

David Mifsud



That diet your friend is doing ISN’T the answer…

There are a lot of things I wish could be true in life….

I wish I could drive in real life like I do in Grand Theft Auto without hurting someone

I wish Aldi wouldn’t make me pack my own bags…

(those bastards sit down for god’s sake too, least they could do)

I wish my iPhone lasted past midday without needing recharging.

And I wish that simply finding a new trendy diet was the answer for long-term weight loss.

Unfortunately, none of those above wishes are coming true anytime soon.

But this last one is the most important right now.

Fair to say every woman has tried a few diets?

Popular ones right now are the old low-carb, keto or a few shakes instead of meals.

But why is our country still gaining more weight with more diets than ever?

Especially when these diets showcase such amazing results?

(You’ve seen those before and after pics of course, right?)

They may get temporary results, but they almost never work long-term.


Cause they’re missing the most important point.

A diet can’t teach you what you actually need to get long-term results.

Here’s a great analogy for this.

Imagine someone who spends pretty much everything they earn.

And often spends a little more than that.

If they then earn a little more, then just spend a little more.

Never really saving or investing anything.

What happens if you give that person $2000?

You got it, they spend that too!

Cause that’s their built-in habits around $$.

So, let’s say I give you this magical diet to follow to get into your dream body.

Or let’s be more fun and say I just snap my fingers and poof your dream body.

What do you think would happen after that if you’re habits around eating and exercise aren’t great?

Uh-huh, you’d slowly end up pretty much where you are now.

Because your habits are the most important thing.

They are controlling your results in all areas, especially fitness.

Whether you eat mindfully or just gulp down your food without thinking….


Whether you workout regularly or only do bicep curls with glasses of wine….


Whether you get to bed on time or let Netflix tick over to ‘just one more’ episode….


And here’s the scary truth:

No one can install these habits into you.

No diet can just give you them.

They only come from consciously working on them until they end up the default setting.

What almost no one realises is getting into great shape is actually about developing skills

And in the same way, you can’t just pay someone to make you great at guitar overnight…

You can’t become a healthy, mindful, balanced eater overnight either.

It takes time and dedication.

But until you do, the scales will probably just resemble bitcoin prices.

So save yourself the pain of another diet attempt.

Focus on building the well-known habits of a healthy lifestyle.

Eating overall balanced meals.

Eating mindfully.

Making exercise a part of your lifestyle.

Getting enough sleep.

De-stressing enough.

And you do this by just winning one day at a time.

Every day you do these things, they get a little closer to habits.

And over time, you’ll be amazed at the results.


The Body Shapers

Wine & Waistlines: Can you drink and shrink?

The short answer: Well, yes

The long answer: Yes, but you generally have to be willing to make a few extra sacrifices to do it.

Of which to some may not be worth the trade off.

Let me explain….

I remember when I was struggling big time with my weight and body.

It took years, but I eventually started getting a little more motivated, then started working out regularly.

So next step was diet.

And for so long I looked for the magic bullet.

The food I had to eat.

Or the foods I had to avoid.

The diet that was the ‘right’ way to do it.

Oh boy they were wasted months and years.

Once I was done flailing around like this I realised dropping those KG’s is actually a lot simpler than people make out.

It ultimately does come down to how much you eat vs how much you burn.

Calories in vs out works, sorry to burst the bubble of those with more esoteric views.

What’s this got to do with alcohol?

Well, the biggest thing with alcohol is it simply affects the calories in fairly sharply.

Both directly and indirectly.

A glass or two of wine is a few hundred calories of course.

A big night out can become many hundred calories from the vino.

But it’s indirect effects are just as potent.

Most people overeat when they’re having a few drinkies with it.

I mean, alcohol inhibits a lot of different forms of will-power in your brain.

(let’s be real, we’ve all done something stupid under the influence)

And your will-power to avoid naughty foods is no different.

Then there’s the next day after a biggish night where you don’t quite feel like eating healthy.

Or maybe miss a planned workout.

Further affecting our calorie equation.

So does that mean toss out your wine glass and call off the next social night?


You just need to consider the above points and their impact on said calorie equation.

Most women I’ve worked with can get away with a drink or two here or there.

Assuming their food is on point and their training consistently.

Would they get quicker results without it?


But you know, living life and all is kind of important.

So I’m fine with it, as long they are happy with their rate of results.

If they aren’t getting anywhere, then often the alcohol is a good place to look at adjusting.

If you really want to nail this, monitor your calorie intake for a week or two.

Jump onto a calorie calculator and find out approximately your bodies daily energy expenditure.

Then eat about 20% under that each day.

Keep a drink or two in there.

You’ll get a feel for what it’s like to have to be that strict to still eat an appropriate amount of calories and drink.

You have to be pretty bang on with your food.

And consistently training helps a lot.

So if that’s a sacrifice you’re willing to make, then go for it.

Stick to it and find out.

But if you aren’t that good on the eating side normally AND you’re drinking…

It’s likely this is why the weight won’t come off.

Not some magical body change that occurs with age.

Not hormones.

Not genetics.

You’re probably just taking in too many calories between the food and drink.

Something myself and my team can definitely help with by the way.

But, for now, at least you understand what alcohol is really doing to your body.

Talk soon,


The Body Shapers

Metabolism Mysteries: Why Past Diets Have Failed

Challenge for you, have a guess at the success rate of the average dieter’s attempt?

Meaning, decided to turn their eating around, drop the stubborn fat they’re sick of and keep it off?

50% you might first think?

Not quite, worse than that.

66% I hear you say? At least 1 in 3 are successful with that.

Still nope.

75%? 1 in 4?!

Keep going….

Yep, research has shown over 80% of diet attempts fail to either drop the weight or to keep it off.

Ever wondered why that is?

Well let’s dive into a few metabolism mysteries to show you why (oh, and what to do about it)

See, our bodies don’t like being pushed too fast to make changes.

We may want to lose weight overnight, but it didn’t come on that quick so it won’t go that quick.

This impatience though is what causes so many women to fall victim to a brutal cycle.

Try to drop it too fast with typical diets of low-carbs, shakes, detoxes or supplements.

Lose a bit at first, get all excited.

After 2-4 weeks progress grinds to a serious halt.

This is where your body is fighting back and down-regulating your metabolism and up-regulating your cravings.

A few social occasions come up that break the rules of the diet.

Some weight comes back on, motivation plummets.

Kind of go back on diet for a few days, then fall off again.

Before you know it back at the original weight and less motivated than before.

Not much fun.

What I’ve found happens is many women then jump to the ‘Well my metabolism must be slow’ conclusion from all this.

So here is the biggest nugget that I hope you remember from this because I really want you to think differently:

Your metabolism is not ‘slow’, the way that you have always attempted to lose weight makes it become ‘slow’.

Read that again if you have to.

There is nothing inherently stopping 99% of frustrated dieters.

No metabolism issue, no hormonal issue, just an approach that’s doomed to fail without insane levels of will-power.

The solution?

After working with 100’s of women I’ve found a 2 fold approach:

  1. Make smaller, habit-based changes.

No big diet overhauls.

Just small changes that can be easily stuck with.

Eat a proper lunch slowly and mindfully, get to bed a bit earlier, drink a bit more water, find some healthier snacks you like etc.

These add up and most importantly allow you to stick to them long enough to see massive results.

Where to start with this though?

It can be tough, that’s why we generally coach women 1 on 1 to help show them how to implement these changes in their lifestyle.

  1. Don’t just focus on weight

Weight is only one piece of the puzzle and can easily be a bad representation of results.

Generally, a lot of weight loss on these short-term diets comes from water weight, but that gets peoples hopes up expecting that pace to continue.

Then it slows down, leading to frustration.

You may then have a day or two where you hold more water.

Jump on the scales on these days and ‘Uh-oh!’ weights gone up.

Which leads to: ‘Diet’s not working, why bother, pass the connoisseur ice-cream tub over!’

So the weight focus can really make this process difficult.

This is why when we coach women we get them to use our Inbody Full Body scanning machine at our facility.

This allows them to separate fat, muscle and water and see what’s really going on.

It helps them stay motivated by seeing their fat dropping and lean muscle tone increasing.

As well as showing if they’re just holding more water on a particular day so they don’t get deflated by their weight.

These are a great start to breaking this cycle and understanding why past diets have failed.

We could go more into the mindset side of it and being surrounded by a positive community, but that’s for another day.

Hope you took something away from that.

David – The Body Shapers

Your Holiday Survival Guide To Avoid The Xmas Blowout

Feeling like you need to set a new years resolution is not always ideal.

It often means we dropped off throughout the year.

But it’s definitely not ideal if you have to do it with a few extra kg’s to boot!

So I thought I’d share with you 5 strategies to survive the holiday period without a blowout.

There’s a lot of gold here to get through, so let’s get straight to it!

1. It’s not ‘All or nothing’

The most common mindset I see is the ‘well I’ve already stuffed up today with my eating, so may as well keep going’

Which works on the assumption that once you are ‘bad’ being worse doesn’t really have much more effect.

Which makes me giggle a little purely because the exact opposite is true.

If you go a little overboard with dessert one night, but then notice your ever growing food baby and stop, you’ve done minimal damage.

Nothing a power walk the next day and smart eating won’t balance out.

BUT, if after blowing out a little on dessert you enter ‘I don’t give a s*** mode’ and then have 2 more servings and another glass of wine, that’s the issue

It’s those extra indulgences that mean instead of being back to level after one day it’s one week.

It’s never all or nothing… it’s always a continuum of better to worse.

So if you feel yourself slipping, ask yourself this powerful question:

Of what I’m doing/ about to do, what could be just a little better?

THAT answer is the key.

2. Stay accountable

This is in 2 ways:

Firstly, being accountable to a trainer or another person goes wonders.

No one likes to let someone else down who stays on top of them.

But what I really mean with this is stay accountable to you.

And accountable to your body.

I know things like body weight aren’t the only thing you should measure to assess progress, but it’s a quick and easy one.

Hey, I COULD suggest you get a tape measure out after Xmas lunch to check your waist! (luckily I’m not that crazy).

But by still looking at the scales you will have a nice reality check that will motivate you to keep control throughout the holiday times.

Avoiding them because your worried about what it might say is like never checking your bank account because you’re worried about being broke…

It doesn’t change how much money is there.

Trust me, it will motivate you more regardless of the result

3. Budget and balance out

There are 2 parts to this:

Firstly, you can ‘budget’ calories and food for bigger meals.

This just means for a few days before the big Xmas lunch you eat a bit lighter, keep it to lean meats and protein + stay active.

This gives you more lead way for a bigger meal on the day without overshooting.

Option number 2 is a little more reactive, but that’s to balance out after a bigger day of eating.

This means over the next few days purposely eating less and keeping it to lower calorie/ more nutrient-dense foods.

This will cancel out the bigger day when done correctly.

The caveat is you must actually be strict on these follow up days.

If you have a hard time dealing with hunger it can be tough to not let yourself go on these days.

Which defeats the whole purpose of the tactic.

If you can suffer a little, however, then this can be a very simple way to enjoy a big day of eating with no long-term damage.

4. Eat smart

This is an obvious one, but when you can control what you’re eating still eat smart.

This means:

> Prioritising whole fruits and veggies at meals for health and nutrients

> Plenty of lean protein to fill you up so you eat less of the other stuff

> Drink a lot of water

> Slow down when eating. Most people in social situations overeat before they even realise they’re full!

5. Stay active

They say you can’t out train a bad diet, but, I’d argue you can out train a semi-bad diet (cause I’m sneaky like that).

Meaning, if you stay active (or get active) you can definitely negate the effects of a few splurges.

You certainly won’t burn off an entire pavlova with a morning walk the next day, but it still helps.

It ties into the all or nothing mentality from earlier….

It’s not black and white.

Always look for something a little better.

And staying active with whatever exercise routine you’re in is DEFINITELY better.

What? Are you not in a consistent exercise routine already?

We should probably chat about that…

I mean, what is your biggest challenge at the moment.

We have a special New Years Challenge opening soon so it might be right for you if you need a kickstart.

So reach out to me through FB page ‘The Body Shapers’

Those above steps are still killer, so keep them in your forefront throughout.


Dave – The Body Shapers

How To End ‘I’ll Start the diet again on Monday-itis’

I’ve heard it too many times….

‘Well I stuffed up on my eating today and it is Thursday, so I guess I’ll start again on Monday!’

Honestly, I wish I could erase the phrase ‘I’ll start again on…’ from the English language.

But be honest, how many times have you said it?

‘I’ll start again next week’

‘I’ll start again in the new year’

‘I’ll start again when work settles down’

‘When the kids stop doing ‘X’ ‘

‘When I have more energy’

The list goes on….

And I call all forms of this the ‘pause button’

Because that’s what we’re doing, right?

We’re putting a pause on where we want to be.

We’ve decided that we want to lose weight, get fit and feel better.

Decided that it’s important to us, and enough is enough of feeling how we do now.

But then, we go and pause those goals!

Knowing we are setting said goals back a few days, months or even years.

But we keep doing it!!

Sometimes causing us to take 2 steps forward followed by 1.9 backward.

Dragging out these goals to the point where we get so demotivated that these ‘pauses’ start looking a lot like ‘stops’.

So the important question is: if you’re a repeat offender of the ‘pause button’ or even paused right now, what do you do about it?

Well, this may seem silly, but the first thing to accept is you must starting doing SOMETHING different.

Otherwise, if you think some other result is going to happen, I believe Mr Einstein said that’s the definition of insanity.

Once we’ve established that, here’s one tactic that will break this cycle that I have found to be most effective with the 100’s of women I’ve worked with at my facility:

  1. The ‘a little better’ mindset

What I find is the biggest reason we feel like we need to press the ‘pause button’ or start again next week is we treat healthy eating like it’s black or white.

As in, you’re ‘on’ the plan or ‘off’ the plan.

And because of this, being slightly off is no different to completely off.

Therefore when life happens and we can’t stick to our original angel like food intentions, we convince ourselves it’s not worth doing anything until we can get back to ‘on’ mode.

So that leads us to the pause button and starting again when (insert X) happens.

Instead, when you find the weekend comes around and you’ve already gone a little off the plan, here’s what to ask yourself.

‘Yes I’ve gone a bit off track, but what would be a little better than what I’m about to do/ currently doing?’

That’s it. That question is so powerful.

What would be a little better?

It may be one less glass of wine, choosing the veggies instead of the chips, or getting a 30-minute walk in first thing in the morning.

But by identifying something just a little bit better, then doing it, you’re now NOT completely pausing your goals.

This accomplishes 2 things:

  1. It physically doesn’t set you back as far as what you normally do

As I mentioned, the typical mindset is ‘well I’m already bad, so what does it matter if I do worse?’

Which may seem like nice logic to go for piece of cake no. 3, but it’s actually dead wrong.

Maybe you took 2 steps forwards during the week, then 1/2 back on Friday night.

But because you take the ill-advised mindset above, now the weekend becomes a write-off and you take ANOTHER 1 1/2 back.

My dad was a maths teacher, so I know that 2-2 = 0.

So, Monday is now literally starting again.

However, if you had taken the 1/2 back on Friday, then only another 1/2 back on the weekend, you still went 1 forwards!


All by being a little better (which is far from perfect).

2. Mentally, you still feel like you are moving towards your goals.

Because you are doing something, even it’s just a fraction better, you are still keeping your goals in your front of mind awareness.

You don’t feel like you’ve written them off, and that’s very empowering.

As humans, we feel good when we take steps towards a worthwhile goal.

It’s fulfilling.

And you can still have that by just doing something.

So this dragged out a little, when I get on a passion rant it tends to happen, but I hope you took value from it.

I’d love to know, knowing this, what will be one little thing you can do better straight away?

I’m curious, so reach out to us on our FB page here >



The Body Shapers

5 Killer Apps For Fitness Success

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little glued to my phone at times…

I get a mini-heart attack when I do a pocket tap to only find skin.

But I do know that your phone can be your best friend with helping you create a healthier lifestyle.

So if you’re going to get a stiff neck from staring down at the thing, let’s use it wisely.

Here are 5 Killer apps to aid your fitness success:

1. Way Of Life

Your habits are the foundational key to your success.

These are things that happen when you aren’t consciously trying to change something.

If you can shift these to be positive for your body and fitness, you win.

Way of life is a daily habit tracker that is your personal accountability buddy.

Here are just a couple of simple habits you could set that would make a real difference to your results:

> Eat a serve of protein with each meal

> Prep food for the next day

> Drink 2L of water throughout the day

> Get a 20-minute walk in daily

> Eliminate the mindless afternoon snacking

You plug these into the app, then set a reminder daily for them.

Then you can have your little dopamine hit as you tick off each day you complete them.

Seeing yourself string a few days then weeks together is super rewarding, and is the best way to ingrain these important habits.

2. Myfitnesspal

It’s an app that a lot of people are familiar with but still so powerful.

I still remember the first day I decided to track my food…

I was at a special open day for universities back in high school and had brought my own food so I could stick to my plan.

Then, alas, the whole event had pizza catered for it! (One of my fave foods without a doubt)

But, simply because I committed to monitoring my food, I said no.

I may have copped some flack when I was there munching my chicken, rice and veg while everyone else ate pizza, but I wasn’t going to start tracking and then put in pizza on day 1.

Use Myfitnesspal at a minimum to visually see what you eat.

If you invest the time into using it accurately and monitoring your calorie intake properly then adjusting, it is your guarantee to changing your body.

3. Headspace

Unless you are a Tibetan Monk already, you can probably benefit from some mindfulness time.

We alllll know we’re too busy, too rushed and need some downtime.

And the evidence for the benefits of mindfulness or meditation is massive.

But what I’ve found is because we don’t know where to start, we put it in the ‘too hard’ pile.

Headspace is one of the easiest ways to start.

A few days of 10-minute mindfulness sessions and you’ll realise how doable it is to fit into your lifestyle.

Then combine it with the Way of Life app to cement it as a daily habit, and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

Your blood pressure can thank me later.

4. Happy Scale

What you measure gets managed, and if your goal is to drop some excess KG’s, you probably should measure it.

There are certainly many other ways to see progress, so don’t rely on weight alone or get caught up in it.

But, assuming you do have a bit of fat to drop, you should over time see the weight dropping.

Avoiding looking at it though because you may not like it is a losing battle.

It should be both your fuel for motivation (whether it goes down or up) as well as basing decisions off that.

If it isn’t budging, ask yourself what could be one little step better than what you are doing?

That simple question is very powerful.

If it is, then what you are doing for now is likely fine.

I find it fascinating when I do a check-up with a client who is dropping a kilo or so every week and is still having moderate amounts of chocolate, wine etc.

By them seeing the results are coming WITHOUT being perfect, it begins to shift the mindset from needing to be perfect to a balanced approach.

Happy scale is an easy way to look at your weight change and keep it one place.

5. Sleep Cycle

Sleep is important…. anyone want to debate that?

No? Didn’t think so.

When we have consistent sleep we crave fewer naughty foods, have more energy and are overall less grumpy (you know who you are).

So making a conscious effort to monitor your sleep and ensure it’s consistent goes a long way.

Sleep cycle will keep track of both the quantity and quality of sleep for you to look over.

It’s often the lead domino to beating bad eating habits and finding the energy to get back into a fresh workout routine.

So quit yawning and get that sleep.

Got any apps you love?

Share it with me via our FB page here >



Director @ The Body Shapers

5 Super Snacks To Beat Arvo Cravings

Along with the sun rising and politicians stretching the truth, the afternoon energy slump is seemingly one inevitable part of life.

You get to that 3 pm mark feeling okay, maybe a little tired already from lunch, then you crash.

The chocolates at work begin calling your name and you can’t help but justify a sweet hit to keep you going.

Unfortunately, these over indulgences are often what stops us from the feeling and looking the way we’d like.

You could be eating okay most of the day, but a short window of sugar indulgence throws that out the window.

What you need then are some healthy, waist friendly snacks to conquer this time of the day.

So I thought I’d share my top 5 (some that I’ve only just discovered!)

Here they are:

1. Chobani ‘Flip’ cups

These have only been released in the last few weeks by the company Chobani but are a smash hit for myself and members at The Body Shapers.

They are a cheeky mix of flavoured greek yogurt and crunchy add ins such as nuts or mini-chocolate bits.

So yes, they fill that sweet craving. BUT, they are lowish calories and packed with protein.

One of our girls Liz had one every single day last week and lost 2.2kg’s!

They come in a variety of flavours so I know you’ll find one you like.

[images style=”0″ image=”” custom_width=”Y” width=”1080″ custom_width_val=”250″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″]

2. Beef Jerky

Convenient, tasty and pretty much all protein, I’m a massive fan of beef jerky.

You can have some stored away at the office as a backup plan or take it with you in your bag.

They make a great option when you’re on the run as they are at most servo’s too.

[images style=”0″ image=”” custom_width=”Y” width=”1758″ custom_width_val=”250″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″]

3. Quest Protein Bar

Protein bars can be another super convenient way to stick to your eating plan as well as taking no time out of your day.

My personal favourite is quest brand protein bars (commonly called ‘Quest Bars’)

Very high in fibre, low in carbs and a bunch of flavours to pick from.

Another hand bag friendly option when you are strapped for time.

[images style=”0″ image=”” custom_width=”Y” width=”1068″ custom_width_val=”250″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″]

4. Tuna + Rice Cakes

Tuna is a great choice for a snack, but often needs something to go with for texture and taste.

Enter the rice cakes combo.

Rice cakes a light, crunchy and low calorie, making them a great ‘cushion’ for a small tin of tuna.

A good balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats here.

[images style=”0″ image=”” custom_width=”Y” width=”1596″ custom_width_val=”250″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″]

5. Carrot + Celery with Chobani Dips

The veggie stick and dip snack options have been around for a while, but it used to have one problem:

The dips most people used were super high calorie.

Especially the dreaded hummus (lots of fat)

The better choice?

The Chobani brand from before also does dips that are much lower calorie and higher protein.

Highly recommend using them vs normal dips, it will allow you to get a much more substantial snack in.

[images style=”0″ image=”” custom_width=”Y” width=”1052″ custom_width_val=”250″ align=”center” top_margin=”0″]

So there you go, 5 super snacks to beat those dreaded arvo cravings.

Got any others you like? I’d love to hear about them!

David – Body Shapers

When One Bite Becomes The Whole Block: Beating The Binge

Ever wondered why you can begin eating a treat with the best intentions only to see it all gone in the blink of an eye?

I want to help you understand that AND beat that habit. 

But first, just last week we launched a brand new body transformation challenge in the gym…

So this week was the end of week 1 and time for a group check-in to make sure the ladies were on track.

It was awesome to see after just the first week most of the girls dropping 1-2kg’s.

So we started discussing the nutritional changes a lot of them had made so far to already be seeing results.

The most common things were getting more organised with daily food and using some of the healthy recipes we gave them.

But for a few of the girls, their biggest win so far was breaking one of their most persistent habits…

The chocolate habit.

Specifically, we discussed the incredible phenomenon I like to call ‘I may as well eat the whole thing’ mode.

It’s a common scenario that occurs when an innocent bite of a chocolate (or another treat) turns into an empty wrapper.

The trouble with this is you almost erase an entire week of hard work with one moment of mindlessness.

And most of us know this right?

We know that if we polish off a whole block in one sitting there will be some consequences…

We all throw around the word ‘moderation’ like we are self-control kings and queens.

Yet why is it so easy to justify to ourselves finishing the whole thing?!

That’s what I want to dissect for you now, so you can cultivate this elusive trait known as ‘willpower’

Because what’s crazy is that ‘will-power’ becomes almost unnecessary when you change your mindset and perspective.

So let’s talk about leaving it at a bite vs going through the whole block…

Perspective change #1: Once it’s gone it’s gone.

This is a seemingly lovely little expression to give us permission for a binge-a-thon, but it really makes no sense.

The reality is, if you eat all of the food in question now, you are shovelling in all those calories far quicker than if you spread it out.

If you actually finish that food now and don’t replace it later, then it’s not so important.

But what actually happens?

We finish it all now, then get something else in another day or two!

So really, the expression should be: ‘once it’s gone, it will be replaced’

Perspective change #2: I’ve already over done it so more won’t hurt

Another perspective that gives us the permission slip to eat through stomach pains.

We tend to look at it as black and white: I’m either sticking to my eating plan, or I blew it and I’m off it.

The truth?

Going slightly off or over your food plan really has minimal impact on your results.

Perfection is not required, in fact, it’s often counterproductive.

If we realise that it’s a continuum, and a few nibbles of a calorie dense food in the grand scheme of things does almost nothing, we can keep a level head.

It’s only when we then throw logic out the door and overdo it do we actually set our goals and body back.

The second you decide to stop over eating is the second you start moving towards your goals again.

Read that again if you need to.

Perspective change #3: Your restrictive diet is probably to blame.

The final mindset that causes us to over eat is this thought process:

I have a restrictive diet, so when I do go off the plan I know I’ll have to be back on track the next day, so I may as well make the most of it now.’

We feel like the shackles are now off for a night, so before being chained up again let’s run loose as much as possible.

This stems from either your mentality towards your diet/ eating plan OR your actual plan is way too restrictive.

Now look, dropping excess weight takes a reduction in calories…

Over time, this will always cause some level of wanting to eat a bit more of more palatable foods.

But if you are frequently feeling the urge to binge and one bad bite = a blowout, you need to rethink your ‘diet’.

You probably have too strict boundaries on what you are allowing yourself to eat OR are eating way too little.

Take a good look at those variables and get professional advice if you aren’t sure of the answer.

Otherwise, those urges aren’t going to leave you.

It won’t happen overnight, but if you take these perspective changes on board, you’ll feel in control of your eating 24/7.

Which will give you every result you want with your body.


The Body Shapers

3 Secret Steps To Destroy Sugar Cravings

Adult humans are meant to have a few types of teeth:

8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, and 12 molars in fact….

But a few of us have managed to defy physiology and snuck a sweet tooth in there as well!

If you’d be signing up to chocoholics anonymous or have a whole shelf in your pantry of sweets, then read on.

We can joke about it all we want but if you have yo-yoed with your body and healthy eating attempts in the past, then the sugar habit needs to go.

Or at least become controlled…. in fact I’d argue most women can get great results for their body without signing up to the ‘I quit sugar’ club.

Most of them see sugar as an all or nothing kind of topic.

When really, by gaining the control of yourself and appropriate moderation, you can keep the treats but drop the tummy.

Moderation > deprivation…. can I get an amen?

However, the challenge I’ve seen time and time again from the women we’ve coached is that moderation is easier said than done.

One square of chocolate often becomes the block.

Or picking at a few of the kids treats turns into a binge-a-thon.

The cravings are real and they turn the healthy moderation concept into a fantasy.

That’s where these 3 steps come into play.

They’ll be your secret weapon to slashing these cravings.

It won’t happen overnight, but apply them and you’ll feel in control of your eating instead of your cravings controlling you.

Which means you are one big step closer to healthy, confident body and life.

Let’s dive in!

1. Get Enough Sleep

Easily one of the most common culprits of these cravings is mild sleep deprivation.

Often when you find yourself looking endlessly into the pantry for a sweet hit it has a lot to do with a lack of sleep.

When we don’t get enough sleep, or poor quality sleep, our brain and blood sugar levels don’t function optimally.

In fact, some research demonstrated that after just 3 nights of sleep deprivation normally healthy adults ended up with blood sugar readings similar to a type 2 diabetic!

You should never take one study as truth, but this is more just for an example of the type of effects lack of sleep can have.

Due to this, we crave sweeter foods and often overeat without even realising (up to 20% more calories unconsciously has been demonstrated)

Anecdotally I’ve seen this many times from our clients and even myself.

So this is a fantastic place to start, instead of just praying for your will power to save you every afternoon when the 3 o’clock slump hits.

ACTION STEP: Get an average of 7-8 hours a night sleep across the week.

If you find you don’t sleep well, try supplemental magnesium, keeping the room cool and dark, or even journaling before bed to clear your mind.

2. Fuel Your Body With A Nutritious Diet

One of the most effective methods I’ve found to counteract common cravings is to actually focus more on what you ARE eating, then what you AREN’T.

Sometimes when we dwell on what we shouldn’t do, we subconsciously make ourselves want it more because we can’t have it!

Aren’t our bodies strange?

Instead, look at giving your overall daily eating a nutritious over haul via adding in the right foods first, not just focusing on taking away.

This will do 2 things:

  1. It will naturally displace some of the ‘bad’ food you may crave simply because you are more satisfied from the ‘good’ food.
  2. You’ll give your body a better balance of the ideal vitamins and minerals for optimal functioning.

These are called micronutrients and play a huge role in energy production in your body.

So instead of feeling like you need that external pick me up from the sugar hit, your own engine will be working better giving you naturally more energy to push through an afternoon from hell.

ACTION STEP: Begin adding one extra serve of veggies and fruits to your daily eating.

Work your way up to 5 servings a day of colourful veggies and fruits.

I know it’s not ground breaking, but are you actually doing this consistently? 

You’re much better off getting these basics right before you try some funky detox plan, herbal tea or exogenous ketones… trust me.

3. Get to know your emotions and REAL cravings

We eat and crave food for a variety of reasons…. much more so than just plain old hunger

What’s crazy is that often those reasons are not even hunger!much more so than just plain old hunger

Ever experienced just finishing dinner only to feel a crazy desire for a sweet hit straight after?

You just ate, so it sure isn’t hunger!

If we could be perfectly attuned to our own hunger and bodies no one would ever really gain unnecessary weight.

We’d stop eating when we are full, start again when we are hungry and our bodies would keep up balanced.

But unfortunately, a crazy little thing called ’emotions’ rears its head.

Often causing us to eat out of reasons not related to hunger.

As they say, stressed is desserts backwards!

This could be a huuuuge topic to try totally cover here, so I’ll give you a great starting point.

Start to become aware of actual hunger/ desire for food VS filling an emotional need.

If you pay attention you may realise those urges to eat always come in a time of uncertainty or stress….

And that chocolate bar is just a way your body knows to get some comfort and certainty back into the situation.

So you have a connection in your brain that says ‘when I get flustered, stressed etc I must turn to said chocolate bar’

There are other specific emotions such as frustration, disappointment and boredom that for some might turn them to the pantry.

Begin by slowing yourself down and asking an important question:

‘Am I REALLY hungry right now? Or am I eating for another reason? If I was to describe how I’m feeling right now when I want ‘X’ what would it be?’

These are eye opening questions that over time will get you back in control of your eating and body

ACTION STEP: When cravings do kick in, stop to recognise if it’s real hunger or emotions at play.

Try to get clarity on what emotions you’re feeling as well as what the food represents to you.

Take these actions and in no time those cravings will be a thing of the past!

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Talk soon,


Founder @ The Body Shapers