3 Body Shaping Breakfasts For Fat Loss And Health

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the often forgotten caveat of that saying is that it must be the right breakfast.

If that saying above has led you to grab a choc-chip muffin and a milkshake because you assume you need to have breakfast and they’re just convenient, then you have missed the point.

A less than ideal breakfast will hinder your chances of dropping fat, looking better and being healthy.

But nailing that first meal will set yourself up for massive success throughout the day for your body and every aspect of your life.

So we agree it’s important, but let’s go into more depth on why that is as well as look at 3 of our favourite body shaping breakfasts!

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When you start your day on the wrong foot a few major things will happen for the rest of your day.

1. A lack of consistent energy

You will struggle with energy and mood swings throughout the day, and in general be much more sluggish.

We all know what happens when we are a bit sluggish right? We decide we need every sweet and treat available to us to get us through the day, which doesn’t go well for our fat loss plans.

2. Missing out on the important nutrients our body needs

A breakfast that is lacking in nutrition may be convenient, but it simply forces us to play catch up later in the day.

We need to eat more vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and essential fatty acids later in the day to get to our optimal amounts, and that is very difficult for a lot of people.

Get a good start on those at breakfast and life is a lot easier!

3. Lack of satiety

A less than stellar breakfast will often lead you to being peckish not long after you finish it.

In some cases, peckish for the rest of the day, and never really feeling satisfied at all!

This is most often from a lack of protein and fibre at breakfast, and when our clients switch to a breakfast that fulfills those requirements, they can’t believe how full they are!

Once again, being peckish all day is of course a recipe for disaster in terms of what you eat AND how much you eat.

3 of our favourite body shaping recipes

Without further adiaeu, here are 3 of our favourite body shaping recipes that will guarantee breakfast takes your body and health in the right direction.


The omelette is a staple breakfast choice for a lot of reasons.

Firstly, the main ingredient is of course eggs, which are a great source of protein, good fats, cholesterol (which our body actually needs, so don’t fear eating it) as well fat soluble vitamins (A,D,E and K).

They also are very filling, and go with many different foods.

Great mix-ins with omelettes are low calorie veggies like spinach, mushroom, capsicum, onion etc. All of which add to the fibre and micronutrient content of meal.

Cook all that in a bit of coconut oil, which has tons of health benefits from digestion to energy to skin health, and that’s a hard to beat breakfast.

Our favourite exact omelette recipe:

3 Whole eggs
5ml coconut oil
Diced up onion, capsicum and mushrooms (about 50 grams approx. of each)

Calories – 300
Protein – 22
Carbs – 14
Fat – 21


Smoothies are all the rage these days for a good reason. They are convenient to drink on the go, offer a wide range of possible ingredients, and don’t take much prep.

There are tons of different ways to make smoothies, but there are a few main ingredients that should be a staple in yours.

Firstly, use almond milk instead of regular milk. It lowers the calories of the smoothie instantly and still tastes great.

Ensure you have a protein source in there, such as whey or vegetable based protein powder (pea, rice or soy), or even eggs or Greek yogurt will do the trick.

Then load it up with very nutrient dense fruits, veggies and seeds such as berries, spinach, chia and flax seeds.

That combo of ingredients makes for a dynamite start to your day that will fill you up and give your body what it needs.

One of our favourite smoothies is:

1 Scoop vanilla (approx. 30grams) whey protein powder
300ml Almond Milk
50 grams blueberries (fresh or frozen)
50 grams strawberries (fresh or frozen)
15 grams Chia seeds
2 Handfuls of spinach
6 ice cubes

Calories – 300
Protein – 28
Carbs – 25
Fat – 11

3.Greek yogurt with berries (and possibly extras)

The final one of our body shaping breakfasts is probably the simplest and quickest of all.

Mixing some Greek yogurt with berries takes no time, tastes great and does our body proud.

Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt, which is why it is a better option for most people.

The sweetness of the berries balances out the yogurt taste wise, while adding antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to the meal.

Optional extras for this meal to further it’s health benefits could be raw nuts or seeds.

A sample meal with these ingredients would be:


200 grams Chobani non-fat Greek yogurt
50 grams blueberries
50 grams strawberries
15 grams almonds
15 grams chia seeds

Calories – 318
Protein – 27
Carbs – 25
Fat – 12

So no more excuse for not having a top quality breakfast to fuel your day.

You’ll feel better, perform better and be a hell of a lot closer to chiseling the body you want.

Hope you found these useful!

Committed to your long-term fitness success,
David – The Body Shapers
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3 Reasons You Can’t Tone Your Arms

Ah, the good old tuck shop arms. Without a doubt one of the most troublesome areas for the average woman.

They want firm, lean arms that don’t jiggle when they wave.

However, they are often going about that the wrong way.

They are making some of the most common mistakes that I see and hear about from new clients training at our transformation facility.

So on that note, it’s time to shed the light on the 3 main reasons why many women still don’t want to go singlet shopping for summer!

[video_player type=”youtube” youtube_show_title_bar=”Y” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1FUTIySVpSYmdxRQ==[/video_player]

Those reasons again:

1. Diet

We now understand that removing that excess flab around our arms is the biggest factor for seeing more muscle tone.

We can’t turn fat into muscle or any of that mumbo jumbo, so we need to dial in our diet to facilitate fat loss.

This isn’t an all out post on how to do that, as that is for another time.

There are many other blogs on here that can guide you down that path, so have a look at our archives here

But ultimately, have your nutrition where it should be and you have won half the battle.

2. No Weights Training

The next biggest issue after a see-food diet (where you see food and eat food) is using weights training to build that muscle definition.

I know weights can be scary, intimidating, or feel too difficult at first, but it’s imperative to a nice pair of arms.

So ladies, time to hop off the treadmill and spend some time at the bar (the barbell that is, not the bar you thought of!)

Weight training will build some lean muscle mass, which will help the appearance of toned arms greatly, while increasing your metabolism to aid with the dropping of body fat we mentioned earlier.

3. Improper weights training

So some of you may have a decent diet and also be hitting the weights, but still not quite have the results you want. The most likely culprit of this is simply improper weights training.

There are 2 main ways most woman accomplish this:

– No progressive overload
– Not using full range of motion

Progressive overload is a key principle in results focused weights training.

Over time, you need to be applying overload, meaning more weight, reps, range of motion, a decrease in rest or even a slower tempo.

As you can see there are many ways to do it, but the important thing is that you ARE!

The easiest way to do this is to keep a training journal so that you can monitor where you are at with your training, and ensure you are progressively doing more.

Full range of motion is the other major mistake a lot of women make with their weights.

This means not doing each exercise through it’s full range of motion, or doing what’s called partial reps.

Picture someone struggling with a set of push-ups and only going down halfway, which is the most common offence of this rule.

In this case, they aren’t even close to working their arms properly due to the partial range of motion and would need to scale the push-ups back to a more appropriate progression.

So form is key, as partial reps give partial results.

There it is then, the 3 most common reasons those arms just won’t shrink.

If you have these 3 areas taken care of though, all you need is patience as your slender and firm arms are on the way.

Hope this helped you!

Committed to your long-term fitness success,

David – The Body Shapers


1 Mental Switch To Transform Your Body

‘What the mind believes the body achieves’

This saying is relevant to nearly every aspect of your life, but maybe none more important than your health and fitness.

The thoughts going on in your head, your past references, how you have been brought up and what others tell you impact you MASSIVELY.

They either hinder you from the results you want, or drive you towards them.

The simple reality is that if you never conquer what you’re telling yourself and what you believe, you will likely never reach your true potential.

And I cannot stand the thought of that happening.

Therefore I want to share with you possibly the most important mental switch you can make in your mind.

A switch that will drive you to new levels of results you have never had before, all while keeping you excited for the journey.

Check out the video below to see what that is.

[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1Yc0VUZ1dpWGI4WQ==[/video_player]

What’s the main takeaway from that video then?

Belief leads to action, which leads to achievement.

But what happens when you struggle with the start of this model, when you struggle with your belief?

Well you don’t 100% see yourself with the results you want, you don’t have this clear vision of where you want to be.

Because it doesn’t seem possible, or you don’t think you can do it, you take minimal action. You make a small change or two, but the first sign of resistance crushes you.

This means you never really achieve what you could of, which only further lowers that belief from the start. This cycle repeats and repeats, slowly crushing your hopes of getting to where you want to be.

But what if you make this switch that I’m talking about, the switch to 10X your belief level to a place it’s never been?

This belief is now the ultimate driver for you to dominate your goals. It’s the fire in your belly, springing you up in the morning to smash each and every day.

It empowers you to take more action than ever before, to push through the inevitable struggles like they are nothing.

Your massive belief means massive action towards that vision.

The result of this in terms of achievement? You already know that this huge amount of belief and action means massive achievement.

This achievement re-enforces that belief, fueling that fire some more in showing you what you can really do.

This positive cycle continues, and your potential for amazing results is now exponential.

This is why this belief switch is SO CRUCIAL. You’ll never battle through the inevitable resistance with low belief levels.

Every exercise plan, nutrition change, lifestyle adjustment will seem too hard. Nothing will seem to work, and you’ll feel like you tried everything!

When the belief is right though, everything will seem to work. You will look forward to change and challenge. You will crave it because of your strong belief.

This makes all the difference, but it can only be felt when you commit to it.

So how do you start this process? Decide on exactly how you want to look AND feel in the future. Get a clear picture on all those aspects.

Do not worry about how to get there, just decide what the finish line looks like. Once you have that picture, spend 5 minutes every day visualizing yourself there.

Picture yourself already having that goal, already being that person. Picture every detail about it so it feels real. The brain can’t actually distinguish between reality and imagination, so use that to your advantage and make this visualization real.

If you consistently do that your belief will sky rocket, and this cycle will now be in your favour.

Believe in yourself
Once you are there, you will see your true potential.

Committed to your long-term fitness success,

David – The Body Shapers

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How To Increase Your Metabolism Through Training

Don’t tell me, I can already guess it.


You have those pesky friends that seem to be able to eat whatever the hell they want, with no care at all for what it is, and never put on an ounce of fat?


It’s like their bodies just take the food and pass it straight through without storing any of it!


It can be demoralizing if you are someone that puts so much effort into eating well and exercising, but can’t get the same results.


If you are one of those people that struggle even when putting in a ton of effort, you aren’t alone.


One of the biggest differences between you and these people is their metabolism, specifically their metabolic rate.


The fact of the matter is if you have a faster metabolic rate, meaning you burn more calories every day, you will have an easier time dropping fat and being lean.


You have more freedom with your eating because you have more calories to play with.


Therefore one of the best ways to ensure long-term success with your body is to build your metabolism as much as you can.


I will focus on how you can do that through training at this stage, but diet plays a huge role too.


Sustained low calorie dieting will drop your metabolism down, and that’s where these training tips to increase it become crucial.


I’ve actually had my own experience with this exact process, where low calorie dieting wrecked my metabolism.

However, through smart nutrition and exercise, I increased my daily metabolic rate by over 1000 calories in around a year.


Which means basically once I did that I could eat another 2-3 meals each day and stay the same weight!


As you can imagine, that makes life with your nutrition a hell of a lot easier!


So let’s look at how training can do that for you, which I explain in depth in the video below so check it out!

[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1vNHU1eW1wYXgzbw==[/video_player]

2 Training methods to increase your metabolism


  1. Proper strength training


Proper strength training means weights that are challenging, involve all the muscles in your body, and you ensure you do get stronger.


Meaning you’ll do exercises like squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, push-ups for sets of 5-15 reps and make sure you are increasing the weight regularly.


This helps your metabolism in two ways:


  1. The recovery required from this type of training requires calories, meaning even after the session is done you are still using extra calories just to help recover those worked muscles.
  2. As your strength increases you will build lean muscle mass. Lean muscle mass takes more calories to maintain than other tissue, so you will again be burning more calories even while sitting on your bum from the training! Happy days right?


  1. True HIIT Training


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training, which has been growing in popularity in recent years.


I say true HIIT training because the way it is meant to be done is with very high intensity intervals, followed by rest.


Something like alternating between jogging and walking doesn’t fit these criteria, as the jogging isn’t high enough intensity.


So you need it to be of a high-intensity, otherwise you miss some of the benefits. The best way we do that at our training facility here is with heavy sleds and battle ropes, often going all out at them for 20-30 seconds and then resting briefly so we can go hard again.


This intense effort is what provides this extra metabolic effect after the session, generally for 24-48 hours. There are possible scientific reasons for this such as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (or EPOC for short), which may explain this effect somewhat.


Without going into the nitty gritty behind that, we know it’s extremely effective at burning fat and cranking up your metabolism.


Get at it!


Therefore it’s now up to you to get stuck into the right type of training, boost your metabolism and see some serious results!
Hope this helped you and gave you some new ideas.


Committed to your long-term fitness success,


David – The Body Shapers


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How The Biggest Loser Can Help You Transform Your Body

The Biggest Loser TV series has become a household name, where we get to witness humongous transformations of people who desperately need it.


The premise certainly makes great TV, while making a massive impact on the lives of the people in the show.


What if you are the average Joe though, who wants to improve their body and health, but perhaps not as drastic as the contestants on TBL? What can you learn from their struggles that can apply to you?


I certainly appreciate that this is ultimately a TV show, but I think there are lessons to learn from any experience. Whether these lessons are what to do or what NOT to do.


We see a ton of examples of both of these through TBL, so lets see what exactly YOU can takeaway from the journey these contestants go on.


Commando steve

What really matters is what relates to you of course.

What you should learn and can implement from TBL


Let’s start with what we can learn from TBL, as well as how you can actually implement that into your own journey to bring you more success.


Just because you don’t have 50+ kilos to lose certainly doesn’t mean it’s not relevant to you.


Here are the 3 biggest takeaways I know are crucial to any level of fat loss and fitness success:


  1. Your environment is everything

What these people put them themselves through and the changes they make are only evenly slightly possible because of their environment.


They surround themselves with only people and things that will push them towards their goals.


They live with fellow people who are moving towards the same goals, all helping them push that little bit harder.


Possibly more importantly is that they get to work and communicate with the trainers.


The power of this not just via the training, but also by the character traits of the trainers themselves. The trainers are all driven, inspiring people, who assume responsibility for their lives.


Contrast that to the contestants, who show none of those traits at all when they begin. Meaning just by being around these people with traits they are missing, they will begin to slowly adopt them into their own mind-set.


This will do more for them long-term than running until their lungs want to break.


On the contrary, if you around people who have similar traits to you, they will amplify each other. This is dangerous when it amplifies bad and destructive habits.


Therefore if you are on your own journey, audit your own environment. Are you surrounded by people who are re-enforcing the traits YOU know you need to be avoiding?


Or are you training, living and socializing with like-minded people who support you? Make an effort to create an environment that propels you forward, not holds you back.


We can’t always directly control who we are around and I understand that, but a good place to start is at least being honest with them of your goals.


Explain to people you are taking control of your body, health and fitness, and that their support will go along way. Sometimes people just need to know that and they will change their impact on you.


  1. Honesty is crucial

“All progress starts by telling the truth” – Dan Sullivan

Although this is probably the hardest part of the whole show for the contestants, the initial weigh in and photo provides a humongous amount of motivation.


By being forced to be honest with themselves, it is the first step to taking the necessary action.


If you had them do that step only and get no support from then on, half of them would begin making the change on their own.


Once you start being honest with yourself, it does one massive thing: it swings the control back to you.


You can now take some responsibility over yourself because you aren’t beating around the bush about where you are at or who’s fault it is.


This is perhaps the greatest lesson of all from TBL, for the contestants and us. We need to remember that we are always in control.


We have responsibility for ourselves, and whatever results proceed don’t happen to us, but rather, because of us.


Honesty liberates us to begin that mind-set, so it’s something we can all employ.


Your job is then to ask yourself, where am I at honestly? What consistent behaviours do I know I can do better at that will actually take me to my goal?


Don’t dance over the hard topics anymore, and you can begin similar progress (relative to your body) that the contestants get.


  1. Big goals are permissive of big action


“People are not lazy, they just have impotent goals” – Tony Robbins


That quote above is one of my all time favourites.


We require big, exciting goals, so that we can take massive action and push through even more massive resistance.


Do you think those contestants would run themselves to the ground if they thought they’d lose a kilo a week?


They’d be out of there before Michelle Bridges could even put her crop top on!


However, having huge goals inspires them to push through the bone breaking training and stick at it.


We must never get trapped setting small, boring goals that don’t do much to inspire us. When the first hurdle comes, we won’t be bothered to jump it.


No matter what goals you set, there will always be hurdles. So you may as well set the goal at a place that fires you up to push through.


The other main reason this works, is that we don’t really know our potential until we are truly pushed.


Watch some of the workouts in the show and you’ll see these people pushing well past their previously thought limits.

Michelle bridges pushing clientThis level of pushing may not be necessary, but shows us what we are really capable of.

If we only set goals within our currently thought limits, we will never truly push them.


So set bigger and scarier goals, even if you come up short you will have come further than if you aimed lower.


Wrapping up


TBL is far from perfect, and I could certainly go on about some of the not so good aspects of the show. But it’s far more productive to focus on the positives and how they can help the rest of us.


TBL exemplifies those 3 takeaways perfectly, and if you implement them into your own journey, you will sky rocket your success and results.

David – The Body Shapers.


P.S – If you want some ideas on setting some bigger goals for yourself, then checkout some of our previous case studies of what our clients achieve in short periods of time.

Here’s one sharing the massive progress you can make in only 4 weeks! http://www.thebodyshapers.com.au/training/transforming-your-body-in-4-weeks-real-life-examples-and-results/

Why You Struggle To Sustain Healthy Eating

There is an internal switch that far too many women have that is either ‘on’ for their eating habits and exercise, or ‘off’.


Yo-yoing and fluctuating with both behaviours and results is almost the norm, regardless of the fact everyone is sick to death of hearing that it needs to be a long-term lifestyle change.


We talk about this all day, but it’s much more important (and useful) to actually identify why people fail to be able to sustain these behaviours.


In particular, why eating healthy seems to be so hard to sustain for so many women.


Check out the video below to learn one of the major culprits stopping women from sticking to their good eating habits long-term.


[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj02MDBtVzZVeV9vbw==[/video_player]


Which end of the spectrum have you fallen prey too?


We now understand that we can’t be on either extreme of the spectrum explain above in the video.


If in the past you have been completely bored with your diet and couldn’t think of going back onto it, you needed more variety.


If you found that prepping all your food and deciding on meals led you to burn out, you needed to utilise more consistency.


It’s time to strike the balance.


As I explained in the video, I have two go to ways to hit this balance.


  1. Morning-lunch consistency, allowing dinner variety.


Stick to very similar foods in the mornings and lunchtime for convenience and simplicities sake, which allows more freedom and variety for dinner.


  1. 6 Days a week consistency, one whole day of variety


Pick one day a week where you will really emphasize variety. This is not a ‘cheat day’ but a freedom day that your consistency has allowed. Enjoy a variety of foods and savour them.


The other 6 days stay fairly consistent, with some variety still but not so much that it takes a ton of effort and thought.


Experiment and find what works for you


You know have the tools and knowledge to find what works specifically for you.


So go ahead, try things and enjoy the process!


Committed to your long-term fitness success.


David – The Body Shapers.


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The Only Way To Achieve Long-Term Weight Loss


‘It ain’t about how hard you can hit, but about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward’ – Sylvester Stallone in Rocky


The glamour and excitement of rapid results is always a tantalising ambition.


We get exposed to incredible 20, 12, or even 6-week transformations where people completely change how they look. Whether this is on a TV show like the biggest loser or just a local friend.


The result is we can’t help but pursue the same thing, even If we don’t know how that person actually ended up 6 weeks AFTER their big transformation.


Depending upon where you look for the statistics, the amount of people who lose their desired weight AND keep it off is somewhere between 2-20%. Yes you read that right, so now you can imagine how many of those transformations really last.


The problem here is these unrealistic, short-term transformations become the norm. People become dissatisfied if they get on a fitness regime and aren’t losing at least a kilo a week!


These expectations combined with this all or nothing mentality is the reason so many people have never conquered their weight and health struggles. They are ignoring the most important principle, which is consistency.


Consistent progress and habit building is the ONLY secret to getting and keeping your desired results. You deep down know this because the wise people in the industry keep promoting this, but shiny object syndrome is too hard to resist and you find yourself ordering your next 3 week detox hoping to lose 8 kilos.


Here are 3 undeniable reasons why you must focus on long-term consistency, in my hope to convince you to adopt this attitude to.


  1. If you lose it fast, it will come back on fast and the yo-yo will continue


Yo-yo dieting Want to know a pretty weird stat from some recent research? Researchers found that the number of times someone dieted, is proportional with how much weight they have gained in the life!


Just let that sink in.


That sounds ridiculous to you I’m sure and perhaps you are thinking ‘well of course if you gain more weight in your life you are going to attempt to diet more to lose it’.


I agree it does seem like a ‘what came first the chicken or the egg’ type scenario, doesn’t it? However, researchers have tested this idea with homozygous twins (meaning practically genetically identical) and still found the one that dieted more gained more weight across their life.


Now this is long-term of course, if you drop your calories consumed instantly you certainly won’t gain weight. So treat that idea as a long-term thing.


This may make you draw some grim conclusions like ‘if dieting more makes me fatter long-term, what the hell can you do?!’


The answer to that question is to remove the idea of ‘dieting’ (which suggests a short term event) and begin developing consistently better behaviours.

If you diet with extremes like the majority of people do, you will add to the research that constantly putting yourself through typical rapid diets simply leads to longer-term increases in body fat.


Your body simply doesn’t like losing weight fast and will fight back physically and psychologically. Remember, stored fat is there for survival. You try to rapidly remove that and eventually your body will think it’s dying!


Therefore your body and mind will do everything it can to put the breaks on this illusion that you are trying to kill yourself.


Physically you will get more hungry, agitated and lose energy. Psychologically you will start craving certain foods and lose your will power to stick to the likely unsustainable behaviours you have been undertaking.


It’s a recipe for disaster, which results in weight rebound and even less faith in your ability to lose weight for good. Don’t try and make it ridiculously fast, your future self will thank you.



  1. Consistent results add up MUCH faster than you think.


Maybe I have disheartened you with the first point above, forcing you to conclude that it will take you forever to lose your desired weight.


The thing is it’s extraordinarily easy to misjudge the effects of long-term consistent behaviour. We don’t future pace the effects of steady results enough to see where they will take us.


It’s important to remember that you probably didn’t gain the weight you have at the moment as fast as you are trying to lose it. If it took you a year to put on 10 kilo’s why would you expect to lose it in 10 weeks?


However losing 0.25-0.5 kilos a week on average will knock off that 10 kilo’s in 20-40 weeks. That is a very steady weight loss goal and will still get you to lose the weight faster than it came on.


Make this range of 0.25-0.5 kilos a week your goal (assuming you aren’t at either extreme of extremely skinny or extremely obese). Then focus on being consistent for the next 1-2 years.


If you do that in 1 year you will be 13-26 kilos lighter, and 2 years 26-52 kilos down. Those ranges are enough to get almost anyone to their goal weight.


If that seems like a while, ask yourself how long you want to be healthy for in your life? Bit of a stupid question isn’t it, your whole life of course!


Therefore exercising and eating right will be something you do for a very, very long time! So 1-2 years is only a small piece of the puzzle while you get to your goal weight and then you can maintain it with the habits you have built.


Again if that seems like a long-time, it really isn’t. I have spoken to a TON of people that have told me they wanted to lose X kilo’s for the last 3+ years.


Due to this incredibly fast results idea and an all or nothing mentality, their net loss is generally El Zilcho.


If you start NOW and maintain consistency, you will without a doubt get there faster than the yo-yo dieter who has enough Optifast shakes in their pantry to open a franchise.


Consistency adds up, DO NOT underestimate that or let it dishearten you.


3 months from now

  1. You can maintain your current life AND a healthy lifestyle; it’s not one or the other.


We need to finally throw away the all or nothing mindset so that exercising, sleeping enough, eating well and de-stressing is a regular part of our life.


There are definitely certain compromises you will need to make to build these habits into your life, but if those compromises become ridiculous your behaviours won’t last.


Not socialising, missing family time or falling behind on work should not occur just to lose weight. However, if you aim for the amazing, all new 6-week body transformation, dropping those things is almost mandatory to keep up with the lengthy exercise and strict diet.


If you adopt our consistency approach we are going for here, you can minimise those major compromises. If you can minimise those, your chances of sticking to your new behaviours sky rocket.


This is why I encourage clients I train who are not currently exercising to only aim for 4 days a week of exercise at first. Would they lose more weight doing 7? Of course they would, but their life would suffer a lot more, they would end up dreading exercise, and eventually their desire to continue these behaviours will be stopped in it’s tracks.


The question to ask yourself is ‘Can I see myself doing this in 6 months time?’ If the answer is no, then you need to change what you are doing NOW!


Don’t wait until it’s the last straw and you completely throw in the towel, adjust your approach to one that you can confidently see yourself maintaining in the long-haul and then build from there.


Don’t forget that being healthy and fit is meant to IMPROVE your life, not take away from. Aim for consistent steady improvements and it will do just that!


By the way, this doesn’t mean short challenges are useless or should be avoided. It simply means that if you do a 4, 8 or 12 week challenge you MUST view it as something you will stick to long-term. It shouldn’t be a short-term give it all you got and then drop back to nothing.


If you use them as a kick start to the consistent behaviours you need, then they are incredibly useful!


Take action now and begin your consistent journey.


Committed to your long-term fitness success,


David – The Body Shapers.


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Why Your Thoughts Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

‘The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool’ – Richard Feynman


As humans we are blessed with a modern day super computer lodged in between our ears. Unfortunately, no one gave us the instruction manual on how to actually use it!


We let our minds play tricks on us, talk us out of things, make excuses and aim low. We feel like there is nothing more we can do, when we are really doing nothing at all!


For those who want to lose weight, get fit, tone up or just start living a healthy life that they are in control of, what goes on in your mind is undeniably crucial.


Everyone will tell you to focus on the physical actions; eat healthier, move more, get more sleep etc.


But the mental recording in your head may be sabotaging those physical efforts, making them harder and harder to stick to each day.


The solution then is of course to address what thoughts, emotions and self-affirmations you are consciously or maybe unconsciously telling yourself.


If you keep fighting your negative mindset aiming to force action into your body, you will come up short of the finish line every time.


If you can conquer whatever negativity is stemming from your thoughts however, your fitness and health goals can be achieved with the utmost ease.


What does all that look like then? Well here is probably the most common issue with those struggling to get on top of their weight and health.




So many people have wound up with an unshakable belief that for THEM changing their bodies and health is incredibly difficult.


They have this tape being played over and over again in their heads reminding them constantly of how challenging it is.


It’s certainly not their fault by any means though; they have obviously built up a lot of past references to justify that belief.


Think of this overriding belief of ‘losing weight = extremely hard’ as the top of a table. Each leg of that table is a past reference, which holds up that belief on the table.

Belief table analogy

Here is a easy visual to understand this.


Maybe they tried a diet in the past and failed? That’s one leg of the table. Maybe their parents were over weight their whole life, so they assume they have bad genetics? One more leg under that table. They could have been picked on for their weight in the past? There’s another leg.


You see how it’s easy to end up with all these references as to why losing weight is so hard, which leads to a strong belief that it is truly the case.


The crux here is that once this belief has set in, it then affects both your mind and your entire physiology in your body!


As you soon as you convince yourself ‘losing weight = extremely hard’ your body will change the electrical impulses it’s sending to your body, as well as the chemicals released in your blood.


What is the result of these new impulses and chemicals? You guessed, it they make it even HARDER to actually lose the weight. They will encourage behaviours that re-enforce those beliefs and thoughts.


Your brain will essentially be saying ‘if this is meant to be hard, I will make it hard’. So it will give you more cravings for naughty food so it is harder to resist, it will make you feel like getting up early and exercising is hard. It’s just responding to your thoughts with ‘yes sir, no sir, very good sir’


This isn’t mumbo jumbo either by the way, the impact of these thoughts can actually be visibly seen when people are hooked up to what’s called an encephalograph.


An encephalograph is simply a machine a person can be connected with that shows the electrical impulses of the brain.

Brain machineHere’s what a setup might look like, for those of you playing at home.


If we hooked someone up to this machine and got them to play around with a few thoughts, we could visibly see the effect on the brains activities.


Thoughts like ‘I’m just not meant to lose weight’ ‘It’s hopeless’ ‘I’m useless’ would result in much different activity to maybe thinking ‘Losing weight is SO easy for me’ ‘I love myself and treat myself well’ for instance.


As I mentioned, those negative thoughts will have a downstream effect on the rest of your body.


So what do you do if you have this constant negative tape being played in your head? You must do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to change it.


The effect of going from ‘Losing weight is just so hard for me, it’s hopeless’ to ‘losing weight is the EASIEST thing there is’ is astronomical.


It will affect your body and actions in so many ways.


You may be thinking that is ludicrous to try and think that when you know it may not be entirely true. Well here’s the thing, and probably the biggest takeaway so far:




If you really think about this, it’s 100% true. If you want some proof, consider what happens when you are in bed and here a small noise in the house.


It could be any number of things that mean absolutely nothing to you right? But what happens if you assume it’s a burglar breaking into your house?


Well you imagine them creeping upstairs with a knife about to break into your bedroom. Your heart races, you start sweating, you’re on edge and you aren’t sleeping for another 30 minutes because you are hyped up.


All you had to do was imagine that noise was a burglar and your brain reacted like it was 100% real even with minimal to no evidence.


Therefore if you convince yourself that once again ‘losing weight = extremely hard’, or that any goal is completely unreachable, your brain will respond to that like it IS the truth, whether it actually is real or a story you are telling yourself.


Your outcome now is quite simple isn’t it? Rewire your thought process to get your brain and body to work with you and propel you to your goals. Easier said than done though right?


Here are a few action steps that you can implement straight away to begin conquering this.


  1. Visualization and self-affirmations


Athletes, speakers or any high performers have used this technique for years. The reason for this is it works, and we know that from the above point that our brain has no idea if it’s real or imagined.


Set yourself a challenge that every single day for a mere 5 minutes, you are going to sit somewhere quiet and simply visualize yourself both doing the actions necessary to achieving your goals and actually achieving them.


Be vivid, think of all the aspects involved, immerse yourself in the vision and make it completely real.


Once you have that visual picture, combine it with empowering self-affirmations to heighten its power.


Aim for affirmations that really impact you individually, but common affirmations could include:


“I am in control of my body and health”


“I will not stop till I achieve my goals”


“Losing weight is the EASIEST thing I can do”


“I am a strong enough person to do this”


This combination will have a profound effect on conquering those negative beliefs and empowering you to take the action required.


  1. Get curious and listen to yourself


When you feel yourself getting negative, talking yourself out of the right behaviours or simply struggling for motivation, be curious as to what thoughts are going on in your head.


What are you telling yourself currently about where you are? What references are making you think this? Why are those references wrong?


Once you know what that tape is in your head, you can catch yourself mid recording and switch to a more pleasant tune. Perhaps switch it with one of your affirmations from before?


  1. Find other examples of peoples success to use as references


The world is full of success stories that inspire us and provide valuable references for our own lives.


Seek out people who have made the transformation you want, or others who have seen it happen. Find out exactly what they did, how they beat their struggles and how they feel now.


All of these will help light the fire inside of you that you need to go out and do it yourself.


Summing up, no more negativity!


Use your mind to work with you and not against you. This is without a doubt the missing piece of the puzzle for so many struggling out there.


Take action on the steps I gave you and you will get there soon enough. You may not know what time it will come, but it will come in time.


Committed to your long term success.


David – The Body Shapers.


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Can You Actually Tone A Muscle?

You’ve heard it used a million times by all sorts of fad programs and sneaky marketers.


‘Tone your tummy with our ab blaster 3000’


‘Get toned arms with this 5 minute at home arms workout’


This concept of ‘toning’ a muscle has been done to death, but most products are just using it to grab your attention.


So following on from the heading of this post, the answer to the question of can you actually tone a muscle is: no…. but yes.


That answer annoyed you didn’t it? Let me explain!


Firstly, no, you cannot actually simply ‘tone’ a muscle by any particular method.


Muscles can definitely increase their resting tone, but that is actually a reflection of the residual tension in that muscle, which is happening on a much deeper level.


In English, that kind of muscle tone means that muscles resistance to being stretched. For example, you know how sore you are after that first workout back after a while off? So sore that you made funny noises just to sit on the toilet?



We’ve all been there…..


That is a temporary increase in those particular muscles resting tone, hence why stretching out to sit down is a battle! Your leg and glute muscles have a much stronger resting tone (more residual tension) due to the workout you did.


However, this isn’t building a more ‘toned’ muscle, and you certainly wouldn’t visually notice any ‘toned’ look after that one workout back right?


When you work your muscles they can do 2 things:


  1. Get bigger (called hypertrophy)
  2. Get smaller (called atrophy)


That’s really it, they are your only options!


You can though achieve a ‘toned’ look even though we can’t directly tone a muscle. It comes down to your body fat levels.


Here is what you can do to your body fat levels:


  1. Increase your body fat
  2. Decrease your body fat


Once again, that’s all there is to it!


Now that we understand this, here are the formula’s for 99% of women out there:


Increase in muscle size while increasing body fat = Not looking toned, but getting bigger and more ‘bulky’. This means your training is solid but you’re probably on a ‘seefood’ diet, see food and eat food!


Decrease in muscle size while decreasing body fat = Generally not looking toned. This scenario is where someone trains far too hard and excessively, while eating next to nothing.


The scales will go down, but they will end up what’s called ‘skinny-fat’, and still be lacking that muscle tone. These are the smaller women who don’t weigh a lot, but don’t look fit or athletic.


Increase in muscle size while decreasing body fat = Toned look!


Less body fat to cover up your muscles and slightly larger muscles so that they are visually more defined. This is the result of solid training AND an appropriate nutrition plan.


I know what you are now thinking ‘do I really want bigger muscles?’


At first that sounds daunting but I can’t stress enough how hard and slow the process of increasing muscle size is, especially for girls.


It will not happen and you will not end up instantly ‘bulky’ if your nutrition is on point, as I explained above.

With the decrease in body fat, the small and steady increase in muscle size will mean a smaller you. This is because of the density of fat vs muscle.


Ever heard people say muscle weighs more than fat? Well, they are almost right, it’s just a horrible way to explain it!


What weighs more 5 kg’s of Balloons or 5 kg’s of bricks? Neither! But you’ll be looking at a whole lot of balloons!



Muscle is denser than fat, so 1 kilo of fat will simply take up more space than 1 kilo of muscle. So you will feel thinner and slimmer, even with ‘bigger’ muscles.


So that should be your aim, decreasing your body fat and training to steadily increase your muscle size.


The only other point on this topic is whether you can change a muscles shape through training. Some women want to have a more perky bum, rounder shoulders and more shaped legs.


You would probably assume after what I said before that this is also not directly possible with training.


Well, the funny thing is, it’s actually impossible to not happen!


Say what? Let me explain this one too.


Once you are fully developed, muscles pretty much have fixed attachment points (barring crazy injuries that tear them off!). They attach to your bones via tendons and that’s how they pull on them to move your limbs.


Due to having fixed attachment points, along with the fact they can either grow or shrink, they actually must change shape as they increase or decrease in size.


Visualise something stuck down on both ends and then growing primarily in the middle of those two points (in this case, the muscle belly). Unless the attachment points move with the growing (or shrinking) muscle belly, then the shape must end up being different!


This doesn’t mean turning triangles to rectangles, just that the overall shape is different.


Probably the best examples of this are in people’s glute muscles, as they tend to have the most noticeable shape changes with growth.


Google ‘Glute Transformations’ or search a guy called Bret Contreras and look at his testimonials to see this in action. Here are a quick few I found.

Glute growth

Glute growth 2

Glute growth 3

Glute growth 4

Some of these girls definitely decreased in body fat too to achieve these results (as I suggested above) so keep that in mind. But you can clearly see a muscle CAN change shape with the right training.


So if you want to change your body and achieve a certain look you have the formula and proof above, now you just have to put the work in!


That’s all for now and I hope you took a lot away from this!


Committed to your long term success.


David – The Body Shapers.


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Full Fat Dairy Vs Low Or No Fat Debate: Which Is Better?

What do you do when you walk down the dairy aisle at the shops?


Do you instantly choose the lowest calorie option from your choices? Which are usually the skim or fat free choices.


Or do you stick to the higher calorie, full fat options and avoid those seemingly too good to be true skim and fat free abominations?


This debate is a big one, with people having strong opinions both ways. So on that note, I am going to break down the nuts and bolts of this argument so you know which choice is right to YOU.


Ultimately, that’s all that really matters, right?


Well that, and winning the argument with a possibly ignorant and stubborn friend I suppose, but I digress.


Let’s dive in and examine each side of the coin and then the truth behind both points of view. For the sakes of this discussion, I’m going to assume like most people your interest is in dropping a little (or a lot) of body fat and achieving a healthy, lean body.


The low fat/ skim crew argument – Less calories and less fat is good right?


Those that tend to go skim or low fat options will generally do so for those two reasons above.


  1. They can see it’s generally lower calorie than the alternatives.
  2. It has less fat than the alternative


Less calories and less fat makes sense for this goal, as a calorie deficit is definitely necessary for fat loss.


The full fat crew argument – Lower fat options have added sugars or other ingredients that you don’t want to consume.


These folks will argue with conviction that lower fat options are full of sugars, added chemicals and probably illegal drugs according some die-hard fans.


Their reasoning is usually:


  1. They are higher in sugar making it worse than the lower fat options.
  2. The added chemicals are not healthy and fattening.


So they have some reasoning behind their choice as well.


The rights and wrongs behind both sides.


The first place to start with these two sides is to look at what is actually true and what is simply a wives tale.


Is lower fat options always lower in fat and calories?


Yes, they are lower in fat (surely that couldn’t have been a lie) BUT not always lower in calories.


I would say they are definitely more likely to be lower in calories, but not 100% of the time. You would need to simply check the actual brand you are looking at to see if the total calories are lower in a non-fat or skim version.


There are some examples, like this below, where the lower fat option isn’t lower in total calories.


As you can see the right label above is lower fat but higher in calories. This is simply one example, not representative of all the varieties out there though.


If I had to pick a random brand and not look at the labels though, I would generally say the lower fat option would most often end up being lower in calories.


Therefore the low fat argument definitely holds up most of the time, and as you can imagine, less calories is pretty damn important for weight loss goals.


What about the other side of the coin regarding the added sugars or other substances in these low fat versions? Let’s examine the sugar first.


Well, just like the above option it depends on the exact brands and variations on these foods. Some brands will indeed have more sugar and carbs in the lower fat versions.


However, there are certainly some that do NOT have any extra sugars or carbs than the full fat version.


Yes you heard me, they can remove the fat WITHOUT adding in extras.


Check out these two examples of milk and Greek yogurt varieties.



In both of these examples above the calories, fat AND sugar content is lower in the low fat versions of these products.


Meaning that if you pick the right brands you no longer have to fear turning into a diabetic overnight from extra sugars.


Now what about the potential for other chemicals being added to the low fat versions, aren’t they bad for us?


This is a very hot topic for some which has resulted in them swearing off certain foods completely. I have even had clients tell me they won’t touch protein shakes and similar products because the added chemicals cause brain cancer!


Although it may not be them to blame, unfortunately there are less than knowledgeable and qualified people out there fear mongering with unjustified information.


In fact, here’s a quick photo from when I googled this topic out of curiosity.


Fat free quote

This girl is in fact the author of a book called ‘skinny bitch’, which from a quick look of the feedback was this ladies attempt at spreading her very obscure views of life as well as her extremely strict and un-backed up dietary habits.


Personally I think just from the name of her book she has conceded the right to any opinion on this important matter, but I digress.


Regardless, the idea in that quote above is simply ridiculous and needs to be addressed.


Firstly, there is no reason that there must be added chemicals to fat free products. I have seen dairy farmers first hand say that they can remove the fat easily without adding anything they don’t want.


It makes sense though right? When you cut the fat off your steak do you need to add anything to it?


In fact, they often add vitamins to milk if anything!


So be aware of jumping to conclusions just because someone else has convinced themselves this is the truth.


Even if they did add some chemicals for whatever reason, it is still a stretch to then say this is a reason to eat a more calorie dense version of the food.


Whether a chemical or any product has a negative effect on your body ultimately depends on the amount present of that chemical.


Everything from cyanide, to vitamin C, to water is harmful in the wrong doses. The major difference is the dose that is required.


Therefore let’s say that there actually WAS (even though it’s unlikely, to be honest) some added chemical in these lower fat alternatives that was harmful to your health, you then need to consider how much you actually have of these products.


If you just add a splash of milk to your coffee or a little bit into some scrambled eggs, do you really think you will get to the dose necessary for any harmful effects from some added chemicals?


Maybe if you go through a litre a day of milk or a tub of yogurt then perhaps, but if you consuming that much of these products then that is probably causing more issues for your weight loss attempts than any other added chemicals!


If you want more information on this idea I wrote a more in-depth post here that you can look into.


What’s the practical application of all this?


We’ve cleared up the myths and misconceptions around this topic now, so what do you actually do with it?


Well, as always, it depends!


The best way to work out the answer to this is to ask yourself a few questions.


  1. Am I struggling to keep my total calorie intake low enough to facilitate consistent weight (fat) loss?


If this is the case, I’d probably aim for the lower fat and lower calorie alternatives. If you are constantly over eating food and total calories, it’s going to be very difficult to decrease your body fat.  So finding methods to lower those total calories down with easy switches is the way to go.


What if you are able to control your total food intake pretty well, so then you need to decide which is optimal. Next question to ask yourself is:


  1. Do I need more carbs or fats in my diet?


How do you even judge this you may be asking? Well hopefully you understand which foods are primarily fat and which carbs.


You know, carbs are breads, cereals, rice, pasta, potato, fruits etc.


Fat’s are whole eggs, oils, nuts, avocados etc.


So then have a look at what you mainly eat.


If breakfast is oats with berries, lunch is rice and tuna and dinner is steak, potato and vegies, then your diet is pretty heavily biased to carbs.


Going too low on fats is far from ideal for health, hormone function and other body processes. Therefore maybe a snack of full fat yogurt is the way to go here to get those important fats in.


As long as of course, the yogurt keeps you around the ideal energy intake for you to sustain your fat loss.


If you start the day with an omelet, snack on nuts and have fatty fish for dinner, then it’s unlikely you require more fats in that day of eating.


Totally avoiding carbohydrates may be a popular short-term weight loss strategy, but it’s not ideal for most active folks long term.


Therefore the lower fat dairy varieties are more appropriate in this scenario to keep total calories and fat lower, while getting some carbs in.


That’s pretty much it when it comes to helping you make the right decision with this choice. In summary:


  • Check the labels to see the difference in certain brands and truly know what each option has.
  • From this, you can ensure your lower fat options ARE lower calories, and that you do avoid the occasional lower fat option that has excess sugars added in. Or at least know how much more fat and calories are in the full fat version if you choose that option.
  • Do not fear added and supposedly nasty chemicals in fat free products. They aren’t as common as you think, and even if they were they aren’t a big deal unless you are trying to put some cows extinct from their milk production.
  • Ask yourself which variety suits you situation better based upon your goals and where you are at. You’ll seem much wiser than the one-sided folks who can’t appreciate the advantages of the other option.


Hope you took all that in and it has once and for all answered your questions on this topic.


If you liked or loved this post, or maybe even found it legendairy (see what I did there), then share it around or tell a friend. They might like it too!


That’s all for today. Committed to your long term fitness success,


David – The Body Shapers


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