The #1 BIGGEST Mistake When Trying To Lose Weight

With the rates of obesity and diseases related to obesity on the rise, its safe to say that losing and maintaining weight loss is difficult for most people. It’s sad to see so many people with no control over their body and health, but for those of you ARE taking the responsibility to slim down and be healthy, there’s one mistake you can’t make.


Lucky for you however the mistake you really can’t make when embarking on this journey is really one of the most simple to correct.


Enough stalling aye, what the hell is it?! Well, it’s as simple as not even keeping a food diary or log of what you are eating.


You’re now thinking, that’s it? Really? On the surface it seems so small, it’s not like writing something down means it will have a different effect on your body when you eat it right?


This is of course true but the value of keeping a log of what you are chowing down on when looking to really chase after the body you want cannot be understated.


I’ll elaborate on the 3 main reasons this is absolutely essential to successful weight loss.


  1. You can’t manage what you can’t measure


If for instance your nutrition plan to finally get thin is simply to eat ‘healthy’ (which probably means something different to everyone) than it’s very difficult to objectively measure and manipulate that strategy to get the result you want.


If you haven’t been losing weight after a month say, where do you go from there? Do you aim to eat healthier? Does that even mean anything?


Anyone can see how this strategy won’t last very long, and if you are serious about transforming how you look, you’d want to have more of a back up plan than that right?


What if you had been logging what you had been eating and not lost the weight? Well then you can go and make a proper adjustment to kickstart the results. This could be in lots of different ways.


Perhaps you notice that the raw almonds you have been told are great for you are actually adding way too many calories to each days eating. So you switch them out for some fruit instead. Then voila, the next week the scale budges, and you’ve used your simple tool of the food diary to make the correct change and move in the right direction.


These controlled strategic adjustments is what separates those who sort of lose weight but don’t really quite get there, and those who nail it and have their friends raving about their progress.


  1. It’s the recipe you need for future success


One of my favourite analogies is looking at the food that you eat like a recipe for a cake. What would happen if you made a cake and made no note at all of the recipe you used?


Well, if it came out horrible, you probably wouldn’t have much idea where you went wrong or what to do. Doesn’t leave you with any clues.


On the contrary, if it came out as the nicest, most delicious cake in the world, you couldn’t even re-create it!


This is just like making some real changes to your body, even if you succeed you will have very little idea down the track what you really did to make that happen!


An accurate diary is a formula for success you can view again in the future if you find yourself slipping and need a boost. If you’re one of those girls who’s weight has yo-yoed in the past, this is even more valuable! It allows you to take the guesswork out of what has or hasn’t worked so you have full control.


  1. It holds you accountable


I said before that writing down what you eat won’t change what that food does once it’s inside you, but you’d be amazed how much people will improve their choices on food just from writing it down!


In fact, I remember the first day I began logging what I was eating and I went to an event in which some unexpected pizza was served up for lunch!


I had some food with me however, and managed to resist the pizza as I was currently really focused on getting myself in peak shape.


I can almost guarantee that if I hadn’t committed to writing down what I was eating each day, I would’ve been through half a pizza before you could say meat lovers.


No one wants to have to admit or write down that they have let themselves down and this is why this strategy works so well. This isn’t the ideal mindset of course, it should be to take pride in sticking to what we said we are going to do. But whatever works, works and ultimately we are really after the results however it happens.


To really nail this, agree on a once a week viewing of your food diary with a close friend who supports your goals. This is only further accountability for you and will really help you stick to your nutrition plan when the going gets tough.


You now see the value in spending that measly 5 minutes each day to quickly note down what you’ve put into your mouth. Not too mention with so many online food diaries out there this can be done anywhere at any time, so there’s really no excuse!


Keep track, keep working hard and keep making progress. You’ll get there sooner than you think!


To your long term success,


David Mifsud – Head Coach The Body Shapers


3 Reasons You CAN’T Lose Weight For Good

Imagine a world where once you’ve put in the hard work, stuck to your nutrition plan and worked your butt off, those results you got lasted forever. The amazing weight loss you achieved was here to stay.


When we come back to reality, a HUGE percentage of females have dealt and still deal with the never-ending battle of yo-yo dieting, weight fluctuations and motivation that’s erratic at best.


Not only has this been shown in research to lead to MORE weight in the long run, it’s downright psychological torture for the person that desperately wants to love their reflection in the mirror.


If you’ve been through this, then breathe a sigh of relief, because I’m about to give you 3 MASSIVE reasons that would have contributed to this vicious cycle. Along with strategies to solve them. Lets get right down to it then.



  1. You have an all or nothing approach to health and your body


This first one will hurt, mostly because it’s true. But, results will only start by admitting the truth.


Too many girls seem to have an on or off switch regarding their attempts to look their best and live healthy. It is all or nothing, and this approach tends to give you nothing.


This isn’t to say a 12-week body transformation challenge, or short bursts of discipline don’t have their place, they do. But if you view a 12 week challenge as something that will give you a sexy body for the next 12 years, you won’t be amused at the 24 week mark.


How do you rectify this dilemma? Firstly, you need to accept and realise its primarily a mindset issue. With this self-sabotaging mindset, any chance of making consistent, beneficial behaviours goes out the window. Unless you are in on mode, which probably means life is torture cause you can’t wait for off mode.


Therefore, make a conscious decision that over time you will develop into a person that is consistently doing their best for their health and body, but allows themselves the freedom to enjoy life still. Which is 100% possible!


From there, make one small behavioral change every fortnight that will gradually take you to that place. Don’t worry about where you are at first, just be content with progress.


That could mean a better breakfast every day for 2 weeks, or getting to the gym 3 times a week for 2 weeks, or even going to be an hour earlier for 2 weeks. These changes add up, build momentum, and will hardly feel like you are in hardcore lose weight mode.


  1. You neglect proper weight training


The myth that girls will end up looking like the incredible hulk after their first set of push-ups is unfortunately still rampant, and its one of the biggest shames in this industry.


Proper weight training does so much for a girls physique, self-esteem and metabolism that neglecting it is setting yourself up for failure. The best looking girls in the world know this, but the masses haven’t entirely caught on.


If your training is focused around cardio activities, aerobic routines, or even big group weights classes that have no built in system of progressing you on your weights exercises, you are selling yourself short.


It would take a whole another blog to explain the reasons why weights is so important. So in the interest of time, here’s a simple 3 step approach to getting the true benefits out of weight training when you want long term weight loss.


  1. Commit at least 2 days a week to proper weights training: No 45 minute jog first, not just a bit of abs, proper weights training. Ideally 3-4 days for best results, but start with 2.
  2. Learn the proper technique of basic exercises: This means squats, lunges, push-ups, deadlifts, row, pull-ups (with assistance likely) Glute bridges etc. Learning the correct technique is of utmost importance. Either have an experienced trainer/ coach teach you or use the magical world of the internet and learn it yourself if you are a good independent learner.
  3. Ensure you are progressing: If you are progressing with your weights training then you are on the right track. This can be more weight for the same reps, same weight for more reps, moving the weight further (such as squatting deeper) or a whole range of things. Just make sure week to week there is some form of progression. Again a coach/trainer will make this principle a whole lot easier.


  1. You have no one to keep you accountable


Once someone drops the ball in terms of their health and body goals, everyone in the world becomes an enabler. “Yeah I just got too busy” “Oh well of course that’s why, no wonder you gained weight, have another cookie!”


Imagine if when you seemed to be slipping back to your old weight those people instead said “hey, remember how happy and vibrant you were when you looked great and were exercising? I bet it’s not that hard right now to move back towards there”


Instantly that person’s outlook has changed and likely their behaviours will follow. Without a person like this helping you with your journey, when the going gets tough your chances of not slipping back to the old you are slim. This is just the way we are, once there is momentum gathering in the wrong direction it’s hard to stop.


The action step to take here is find someone who can no matter what encourage you to stay in control of yourself and keep you accountable. This person has a big role but with their support, anyone can keep weight off for good and look great for a long, long time.


Implement these strategies and you will not be disappointed.


To your long term success,


David Mifsud – Head coach The Body Shapers

Could Cutting Carbs Be Making You Fatter?

Carbohydrates easily get the most attention out of anything food related when people look to slim down and lose fat. People will almost swear by dropping carbs and instantly getting lean. However, there are rarely any hard and fast rules in the complex nature of losing weight and the human body, and dropping carbs to slim down is not one of them.


The low carb crew will generally throw out an idea about the hormone insulin, which is primarily released through ingestion of carbohydrates. This hormone shuttles the carbs (as glucose) into cells and does put a halt on fat burning in the body (lipolysis).


To a lot of people the conclusion becomes, too many carbs = too much insulin = no fat burning.


This however, is only the beginning of the story. This idea sounds good at first but has many flaws.


Firstly, dietary protein also has an insulin response. The amount depends on the source, but if the hard and fast rule above also applies then you are left to only eat fats essentially, which is a pretty damn restricted diet. Can someone say pass me the peanut butter?


peanut butter

You know, that might not have been the worst thing in the world…..


Secondly, these people are ignoring the laws of thermodynamics, which in relation to the human body mean if you burn more calories than you consume during a day you will lose weight. This certainly doesn’t mean just eat less and that’s all there is to it, but simply focusing on one aspect such as carbs or insulin, is ignoring this much more important fact for your fat loss battle.


Burn more than you consume, and insulin won’t be stopping you from losing fat.


Finally, insulin also delivers nutrients to all types of cells, importantly muscle cells! The pancreas is where insulin is released, and we have these for a reason! Insulin is a necessary and not some a diabolical hormone that simply turns you into a potato overnight.


So it’s certainly not as simple as low carbs is the secret to weight loss, but could it be making you fatter in the long run?


Well, ask yourself this, how much body fat do you have? Would you say you have 20 kilos to lose or 2? If you have less fat to lose than chances are you are selling yourself short by going low carb for too long. That’s right, low carb can do you more harm than good.


The reason your body fat impacts the affect of carbs is that generally people with a higher body fat have worse insulin sensitivity. Meaning their body over secretes insulin to compensate, which does tend to lead to more fat storage.


A leaner person is more likely to have better insulin sensitivity and therefore the carbs they ingest will have a more positive affect on their body in terms of building lean muscle tissue and not fat. So if you are fairly lean and only have that last couple of kilo’s to go then certainly don’t be afraid of carbs. If you are a bit bigger, you should probably have some, but not a great deal.


The other major factor to influence whether cutting out carbs will do you good or not is what type of exercise are you performing each week.


If you are doing mostly low intensity, aerobic work then not a whole lot of stored carbohydrates (glycogen) will be used to fuel that activity. If you are training more like myself and many other experts suggest, doing mainly resistance training, using moderate to heavy weights and then some high intensity cardio training, then you will certainly churn through your stored carbs.


This means you can ingest more carbs and they will simply be used to refuel muscle glycogen stores, which means they won’t cause fat gain. In fact, they will be now be there to fuel your next workout, making it better and contributing you getting better results.


However, if you followed the stereotypical must drop carbs advice, you wouldn’t be refueling adequately for your workout and therefore sacrificing the performance of the workout.


Not too mention from a longevity standpoint trying to constantly avoid carbs is damn near impossible. Meat and vegies will drive anyone insane eventually.


Many people will cut carbs for a week or two, suffer withdrawal symptoms and before you know it be binging or bread, pasta and sugar. Don’t make this mistake. Use the guidelines above to help you decide on the right amount of carbs for yourself, and find an amount that gets you the results you want and you can stick to.


This strategy will avoid the risk of long term getting fatter from trying to cut carbs too much, and help you live a better, happier life.


To your long term success


David Mifsud – Head coach The Body Shapers


The Truth About Small Frequent Meals to Lose Weight

If you were to ask the average person for some advice on the key to dropping weight, then there’s a good chance this misconception above would’ve been the first thing out of their mouth.


The idea that smaller meals will ‘stoke’ or ‘increase’ ones metabolism has been one of the biggest discussion topics in the last 10 years for people wanting to slim down and look their best. Lots of research has been conducted on this topic, so is this really the case?


Where did this theory even begin though? Well, this idea came about from the discovery that when you eat you begin burning extra calories, this is due to the calories used to digest the food you just ate. It is also know as the thermic effect of food (TEF). The hypothesis quickly arose that eating more frequently meant the TEF would be kicking in more often and therefore bigger metabolism.


Jump to that conclusion and you may as well try eat food the entire day! Not that I’d be complaining about that!


What we now know from proper research is the TEF is actually almost exactly determined by the number of calories you eat at a meal or throughout the day, not how often they are eaten.


Quick example to make this clear. TEF is on average 10%, therefore if you ate 300 calories a meal and had 6 meals, each meal would burn 30 calories x 6 which means 180 calories burned from TEF.


What if you only had the standard 3 meals a day though and equal calories? Well 600 calories a meal means 60 calories from TEF x 3 meals = 180 calories burned from TEF as well!


So if the total calories add up, then whether its 6 small meals or 3 larger meals will really not alter the effect it has on your metabolism! Tupperware containers thrown in the bin everywhere!


Now, all this means is that eating more frequently doesn’t give you any major advantages in terms of your metabolic rate. How do you decide how often to eat then?


Well this new found free means you can eat in the way that suits your lifestyle best while still allowing you to progress to your goals. Read that line again.


Find the strategy that suits the two needs above and you are golden.


Ultimately, dietary adherence and sustainability is the most important factor when looking for results, especially for the long term. The next is that what you are doing works and of course gets you the result.


Why do people seem so confident in eating small frequent meals and seem to get such good results? To be honest, it’s because maybe that style is the best for them!


Once again, quick example of when both smaller frequent meals and larger more spaced out meals might be appropriate.


If a person began eating a bit less to get some fat loss happening, but had a pretty solid appetite, than eating smaller more frequent meals might help them keep hunger at bay. If this person knows when they get too hungry they either snack like a monster or throw the nutrition plan out the window and call up the local Chinese, than the more regular meals would fit the above criteria of suits their lifestyle and progressing them to their goals.


Another example though, might be a person with a full on job. Their day is go go go, and they often have long breaks in between meals because of their schedule. Chances are they aren’t that hungry in between meals cause they are occupied with things to do, so they don’t have the chance to hammer down the snacks.


By telling this person they must eat more regularly, its not only going to disrupt their day by stopping to sneak in food, it would probably cause them mental stress just to work out when they can even eat! A strategy of less frequent meals, but still quality food that is in line with their goals is what would suit this person the most.


As you can see, neither is right or wrong, it’s about experimenting with your individual lifestyle and working out the right strategy. This is the closest thing to a secret there is. If you nail this, every silly generalized comment that you must eat like this or eat that becomes obsolete, because you know what works for you.


The confidence that gives you combined with the results it will bring, means you’ll be turning some heads pretty soon!


Hope this opened your eyes to what you really need to focus on, as well as showing you there’s rarely black and white statements in this field.


Good luck.


To your long term success,


David Mifsud – Head Coach The Body Shapers

3 Reasons Girls MUST Do Weights To Lose Fat and Look Amazing

Walk into any commercial gym and have a quick look at the ratio of males to females in the weights section of gym compared to the cardio section of the gym. Without even doing this we intuitively know more guys will be pumping iron and more girls slugging it out on the treadmill.


This is no ones fault, the idea that weights are a masculine, manly activity is just unfortunately conditioned into the mind of the masses. We associate that activity with looking large and intimidating, and hence a higher percentage of girls steer clear of really putting the time into a proper weights training routine.


There are of course some girls out there that contribute to this notion of girls getting big and bulky from doing weights. However, any girl that has really attained a manly, unattractive look, has either been hitting the weights extremely hard for many years, or has been playing around with a few drugs to help her gain that extra bit of muscle.


Meaning for the average girl who hasn’t dabbled in much proper weights training, there is zero risk of ending up too muscly, bulky or any other word you may use here to keep you on the cross trainer and not in the squat rack.



You won’t even come close to this ladies unless you spend years and years hammering the weights and probably hammering other illicit substances too. Throw your worries away.


So, now we know ending up manly from a few weights sessions isn’t going to happen, why is it so important to utilise weights training properly? I’ll give you the 3 main reasons now in the video below.


Quick note first, some girls will certainly look great without much weights training and that’s fine. But, don’t let these sort of girls confuse you into thinking that a no weights approach is optimal. What works for one person may not work for others. The last thing you want is to copy someone with amazing genetics for having a great body and then wondering why yours isn’t the same.


I’m going to assume you don’t have amazing genetics and don’t look how you really want, and hence why weights training is so important and part of the best plan for you.

Here’s a recap of what I spoke about in the video above.

  1. Weights build lean muscle mass which DOES look good on girls


That ‘toned’ look every girl seeks is only achievable through some muscle mass that shows that definition. Of course, you must be lean enough to see the muscle definition, but lots people are skinny with still no definition.


Proper weights routine focusing on the muscles girls really want to be developed and attractive will do wonders for your physique. If you were to talk to 100 fitness model girls, I guarantee 90% would say they do proper, hard weights training.


female fitness model

Trust me, the girls on the cover of magazines and pulling the Instagram likes use weight training regularly. Learn from them.


Girls simply look better with a bit of lean muscle so don’t neglect the weights!


  1. Building lean muscle increases your metabolism


We’ve now established that building some muscle will make you look better, but what if I told you it will also help you lose more fat? Well, that’s exactly what it will do.


Muscle tissue takes more calories to maintain and function than fat tissue. So take two girls of the same weight but one with more muscle and one with the less, the one with more muscle will probably have a higher metabolism and can therefore eat more and still lose fat.


So wherever you are at now, if you can add some lean muscle mass, and correctly combine your nutrition with this, you can actually increase your metabolism substantially in the long run. This means eating more food, and still losing fat or maintaining your new weight, now that’s a win-win!



  1. The body adapts to cardio much faster than weights


This is a massive one and so easily overlooked by cardio junkies. It is one of the biggest reason people can lose lots of weight fast when they start with cardio training, and then over time it plateaus or even reverses!


The body’s goal in life is to survive, and that means being efficient. So if you continually jog every day for 2 weeks, your body will begin to get used to that and look for a more efficient way to do this.


How does your body do this? By burning progressively less calories during the activity. So your 500-calorie burning run is now only 250 (not being specific simply an example), meaning you have to double the time to get the same result.


As this process carries out someone focusing on cardio would need to either continually increase the cardio, which can easily get to the point of unrealistic. Or, decrease their eating further.


Continuing this for too long as left many determined individuals with severely damaged metabolisms, meaning that even though they ate so little, they still couldn’t lose the last bit of weight.


It’s about as bad as it gets, pounding the pavement for 2 hours a day and barely eating and still not where you want to be. Contrast this to weights training where done correctly your metabolism will actually increase, you can see why in the long run weights is the better move.


There is certainly a time and place for cardio, but if that’s your main focus you have to be very cautious not fall into the trap I have mentioned and continually add more until the point of no return because your body is so adapted to it.


So there you have it, straight up 3 MASSIVE reasons to include weights into your training if you are struggling to lose the fat and look how you want. Get straight into them and you won’t regret it.


To your long term success,


David Mifsud – Head Coach The Body Shapers


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