Female Fat Furnace – Feb 2016

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How would if feel to make 2016 the year where you absolutely smashed your fitness, health and weight loss goals?

We want to show YOU how you can take the Christmas season and turn it into slim and sexy curves on your body.

To do this we are giving 5 lucky ladies a chance to transform their body through our incredible Female Fat Furnace: 4 Week Body Transformation.

Here’s what results you can expect from our program:[/text_block]

  • Slashing fat from your stomach, butt, thighs and arms
  • Building lean, firm muscles to achieve a toned look
  • Huge improvements in fitness
  • Massive boost in confidence, belief and self-esteem
  • New healthy habits for your nutrition
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Here’s a glimpse at the some of the results we’ve had with woman in the past.[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Some of our more recent 4 week challenge superstars:[/text_block]

Kaye lost over 22 cm’s in her 4 weeks!

‘Starting with The Body Shapers has changed everything for me! I hadn’t exercised in a long-time, had a few injuries, and was overall worried about starting something new. However, the environment, people and training here has made this whole journey so easy and comfortable. I’ve been getting fitter, stronger and thinner every week. I don’t even crave the food I used to before I started! I’m so glad I took on this transformation, it has been every bit worth the time and financial investment’

Jane dropped 4kg’s in her first 4 weeks days, and has now reached her goal weight!

‘After several years of trying many different gyms and classes, I have finally have found a way to exercise that I really enjoy.  I am getting great results too!  Not only have I lost weight and centimetres, I feel healthier and stronger than ever before.  David’s training sessions are varied and balanced.  He has a strict focus on correct technique which is particularly important for me as I am recovering from a previous back injury.  He has ensured I can progress without any risk of further injury.  The Body Shapers also provide great nutritional advice, accountability and ongoing support.

David takes the time to get to know each of his clients and sets individual & attainable goals. He has a common sense approach which sets you up for sustainable habits.  His motivational style also helps to keep you on track.  I love his regular posts, blogs and videos.

The training sessions are limited to small groups of like-minded women and the culture is supportive & fun.  For the first time in my life, I look forward to going to the gym!’

Jo here knocked off 5kg’s in her 4 weeks!

‘Looking forward to throwing out my old ‘fat clothes’. Thanks David!’

Samy dropped 6kg’s and over 25 cm’s in her 4 weeks!

‘Even while working at a pastry shop, I was still able to drop a lot of weight in the first 28 days! Also achieved my first big goal to be able to get back into karate and fit into the old training outfit!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”30″]Hang on, who are we?[/text_block]
[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Glad you asked! My names David, and that’s me in those photo’s above!

I founded The Body Shapers with a mission to help 10,000 women take control of their body and use fitness to empower their whole lives.

Myself and the team here are genuinely passionate about this mission, and will do whatever it takes to help every member here achieve just that.

This passion comes from actually struggling with my weight as a youngster. I was the fat kid in school, and I had little to no confidence from that.

But, fitness turned my life around. It allowed me to live my life how I truly wanted to, and that’s where the mission for The Body Shapers comes from.

If you start our 28 day body transformation, you will be one step closer to the breakthrough I had![/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”30″]Here’s how we make that happen and exactly what you will get in the transformation:[/text_block]
  • Up to 24 Sessions of Small Group Personal Training At Our Facility. We Are Located At Kirrawee In The Heart Of The Sutherland Shire
  • 4 Yoga Sessions
  • 1 Hour Nutritional Consultation To Find Your Optimal Nutrition Plan
  • Daily Support and Accountability
  • Access To Our Nutritional Database With New Recipes Every Week
  • Results Tracked Via Measurements and Photo’s
  • Meeting and Training With Like Minded People
  • Session times are 5:30am, 6:15am, 7am, 9:30am, 5:15pm, 6pm, 6:45pm
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Here’s a few more ladies just like you  and what they are saying about their time with us:


Sam Ellsmore

 I  am a mother of 2 young beautiful girls. I have been part of an outdoor training group but found after some time that I was starting to plateau in terms of losing weight and wanting to train. I was looking to make a step into something different and had heard about The Body Shapers on Facebook and went to speak to David about the 4 week fitness furnace program.

After deciding to join, I found I really enjoyed the training and nutritional input that David constantly provided, whether it be at the gym or online. After the first few weeks, I started to notice changes in my body shape and now having been at The BodyShapers for 8 weeks and losing a total of 15CM’s in body fat, I was even able to fit into a size 6 dress today!

I have been to many gyms before but haven’t seen the type of results I am getting in terms of losing weight and building strength. I have put this down to David’s training & motivational style which has kept me wanting to consistently turn up to training each week.

David’s indepth knowledge of real technical elements and variety of training (ie strength and cardio) has enabled me to get the best results. I train in a small group of friendly & fun women, however the support David provides makes you feel like you are getting a 1:1 personal training session.

Angela Karafotias

I’ve been working with David and The Body Shapers for the past 14 weeks and in that time my fitness and stamina has increased dramatically. I’ve lost 7.5kg and 8% body fat. My waist dropped 13cm and my chest 10cm

David was very accommodating with times as I have 2 young children that I had to work around, but we made it happen.

David is great to train with and I couldn’t be happier with our results thus far

Julie-Ann Hinschen

David and I worked together with the goal essentially to lose weight and tone up for my upcoming wedding. In the time we worked together I lost 11cm from my waist and 13cm from my hips!

I like that David saw that I had obvious weaknesses at first, so to avoid injuries he worked on strengthening those areas as well working on my cardio fitness.

David was very approachable in working out a schedule that was affordable for me and it was definitely a great investment!

I feel more confident in myself, as well as healthier and fitter. Thank you David, I’m looking forward to fitting into my wedding dress now, to the point that it now has to be brought in!

Alison Rowe

I trained with Dave for 3 months with my main aim to loose the baby weight and get fit again. I was so happy with my results. I lost 10cm around my waist, 10cm from my chest and 12.5cm from my hips. With a total loss of 6kg, I’m now fitting back into my clothes and feeling strong and fit.

I was challenged with each training session and loved that each one was different so it kept me motivated. I concentrated on my nutrition which Dave helped me with and even a fitness plan while I was away on holidays.

Dave is a great trainer and without him I would not have been able to achieve these results.

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A program with this much attention for you and massive results would often be worth $400, $500 or $600, but we are practically giving it away for $57 a week for the next 5 people!

So if you want to take control of your body and are ready to take action then all you need to do is fill out the form and tell us why you should be picked as one of the five.

The challenge starts 22nd of Feburary so don’t hesitate to apply now

Put your name, email and phone number below and click “Register Now”.

At the next page, there’ll be a short but succinct form that you need to fill out to qualify. Be as honest as you can so we can best help you.

How about we make 2016 the best year ever for your body and health?[/text_block]

Don’t Miss Out, Apply Your Spot Now!

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