5 Killer Apps For Fitness Success

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m a little glued to my phone at times…

I get a mini-heart attack when I do a pocket tap to only find skin.

But I do know that your phone can be your best friend with helping you create a healthier lifestyle.

So if you’re going to get a stiff neck from staring down at the thing, let’s use it wisely.

Here are 5 Killer apps to aid your fitness success:

1. Way Of Life

Your habits are the foundational key to your success.

These are things that happen when you aren’t consciously trying to change something.

If you can shift these to be positive for your body and fitness, you win.

Way of life is a daily habit tracker that is your personal accountability buddy.

Here are just a couple of simple habits you could set that would make a real difference to your results:

> Eat a serve of protein with each meal

> Prep food for the next day

> Drink 2L of water throughout the day

> Get a 20-minute walk in daily

> Eliminate the mindless afternoon snacking

You plug these into the app, then set a reminder daily for them.

Then you can have your little dopamine hit as you tick off each day you complete them.

Seeing yourself string a few days then weeks together is super rewarding, and is the best way to ingrain these important habits.

2. Myfitnesspal

It’s an app that a lot of people are familiar with but still so powerful.

I still remember the first day I decided to track my food…

I was at a special open day for universities back in high school and had brought my own food so I could stick to my plan.

Then, alas, the whole event had pizza catered for it! (One of my fave foods without a doubt)

But, simply because I committed to monitoring my food, I said no.

I may have copped some flack when I was there munching my chicken, rice and veg while everyone else ate pizza, but I wasn’t going to start tracking and then put in pizza on day 1.

Use Myfitnesspal at a minimum to visually see what you eat.

If you invest the time into using it accurately and monitoring your calorie intake properly then adjusting, it is your guarantee to changing your body.

3. Headspace

Unless you are a Tibetan Monk already, you can probably benefit from some mindfulness time.

We alllll know we’re too busy, too rushed and need some downtime.

And the evidence for the benefits of mindfulness or meditation is massive.

But what I’ve found is because we don’t know where to start, we put it in the ‘too hard’ pile.

Headspace is one of the easiest ways to start.

A few days of 10-minute mindfulness sessions and you’ll realise how doable it is to fit into your lifestyle.

Then combine it with the Way of Life app to cement it as a daily habit, and you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

Your blood pressure can thank me later.

4. Happy Scale

What you measure gets managed, and if your goal is to drop some excess KG’s, you probably should measure it.

There are certainly many other ways to see progress, so don’t rely on weight alone or get caught up in it.

But, assuming you do have a bit of fat to drop, you should over time see the weight dropping.

Avoiding looking at it though because you may not like it is a losing battle.

It should be both your fuel for motivation (whether it goes down or up) as well as basing decisions off that.

If it isn’t budging, ask yourself what could be one little step better than what you are doing?

That simple question is very powerful.

If it is, then what you are doing for now is likely fine.

I find it fascinating when I do a check-up with a client who is dropping a kilo or so every week and is still having moderate amounts of chocolate, wine etc.

By them seeing the results are coming WITHOUT being perfect, it begins to shift the mindset from needing to be perfect to a balanced approach.

Happy scale is an easy way to look at your weight change and keep it one place.

5. Sleep Cycle

Sleep is important…. anyone want to debate that?

No? Didn’t think so.

When we have consistent sleep we crave fewer naughty foods, have more energy and are overall less grumpy (you know who you are).

So making a conscious effort to monitor your sleep and ensure it’s consistent goes a long way.

Sleep cycle will keep track of both the quantity and quality of sleep for you to look over.

It’s often the lead domino to beating bad eating habits and finding the energy to get back into a fresh workout routine.

So quit yawning and get that sleep.

Got any apps you love?

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