5 Summer Body Motivation Hacks

Another year is racing by (September already, seriously?!) which means that summer is just around the corner.

If you’ve been spending more time sleeping than squatting over winter, you may be feeling a bit unmotivated to start shaping your summer body.

Perhaps it was the same story last summer, too?

Where you promised yourself you’ll get into a workout routine and stick to a healthier diet…. only to end up inconsistent, starting again every Monday and not quite feeling your confident self in the sun.

If so, the time is now to start building your motivation and routines.

Don’t wait another month or two hoping the motivation will kick in, because if you aren’t feeling it right now, it won’t magically appear down the line.

Easier said than done, right?

That’s where these 5 motivation hacks come in to light that fire under you to melt away the winter weight.

Because the reality is, you need to get and keep that motivation consistently to see results.

It all comes back to you making the decision that: enough is enough.

Your dream body is not going to come from a new wacky diet, detox plan or a 30-day sit-up challenge….

It comes from building good habits, that every single day will move you one step closer to that toned, confident and beach-ready body.

So if you’re ready, here’s 5 ways to light that motivation up to make a change for good:

  1. Start with Why

Let’s get deep here: the word ‘motivation’ literally means a ‘motive’ for ‘action’.

Meaning there is a reason behind the action.

So if you feel stuck in ‘no motivation’ it just means you’ve lost the connection to your reason why.

Notice I didn’t say ‘have no reason why’ just lost connection to it.

When we stop and think about it, there is an abundance of reasons to get healthy, fit and look amazing.

The trouble is, the daily grind of life gets in the way and we don’t take the time to connect to these powerful reasons.

When you are connected, you can’t wait for another day to move towards your goals.

That’s the level of motivation we aim for with our clients, one that has you constantly looking forward to the positive changes you can make.

So, how do you connect it back up? You stop to re-connect to your ‘why’ to re-discover true motivation.

It looks like this.

Step 1: What is the dream outcome/result you want? Get really specific on that.

Step 2: Ask ‘why’ 5 times.

Take this a step further now and ask yourself, ‘Why do I want this?/Why is it important to me?’

Once you answer that, do it again.

And again.

Until you have 5 why’s written, each layer going deeper and deeper.

The end ‘why’ is what that goal is really about.

It should be something far deeper than ‘to look good in my favourite jeans’

2. Create a ritual to cement this ‘why’

It’s all well and good to temporarily get motivated and connected to your true ‘why’ but it needs to be re-enforced.

Repetition will sync this up with your mind so you can access it at an instance.

The key to this is to create a daily ritual to remind yourself of all these powerful reasons.

My personal favourite is to write it down every morning, to help your ‘why to  become cemented into your daily routine.

This can be complemented with visualisation of what that will look and feel like.

The furthest I’ve gone is to create my own slideshow presentation going through all the goals I’ve set and reasons why, with powerful music over the top.

That way you just sit back and watch a highlight reel of your future goals coming to life, it’s amazing stuff.

When you’ve accomplished 100% commitment, this strategy will have you so motivated you’ll break through the gym walls because you couldn’t wait for the door to open!

All it takes is to allow yourself to stop the franticness of life and do the exercise, then you’ll feel the power of this.

3. Get around motivated people.

No one can just give you motivation — it comes from within.

But the closest thing to that is being around motivat-ED people.

People who push themselves every single day because they know their ‘why’.

You’ll find without even trying, their motivation will diffuse into you day by day.

It will be weird for you to not be motivated.

This is why we love our small group training here at The Body Shapers.

We surround new members with motivated women who are driven to achieve their goals, then sit back and watch as the new member slowly finds their own fire.

Get around motivated people, they will bring you up.

4. Fill your mind with success stories

If you aren’t sure how to straight away get around motivated people, then start by filling your ‘nothing’ time with others success.

By ‘nothing’ time, I mean time where we are doing something routine that doesn’t require focus.

This is the perfect time to give your mind motivating stories to get or keep you driven to your goals.

It could be while cooking, driving, walking the dogs, doing washing or eating.

Spend some time finding people out there who have achieved what you want.

Plenty of people in the fitness world share their story of tragedy to triumph, which will change your perspective on what’s possible.

Start digging into podcasts, interviews or books that tell these inspirational stories.

When you fill your mind with these positive people and their journeys, your self-belief sky rockets which = 10x faster results.

5. Get accountability

Ultimately, everyones motivation dips at times… we’re human after all.

BUT, you need to stay the path and keep pushing, this is where accountability comes in.

It’s your back up plan for those motivation slumps.

When you don’t feel like doing, but someone else is counting on you (literally what ‘accountability’ means) you’ll go the extra mile.

This is why all of our body transformation programs come with direct accountability from our nutrition and lifestyle coaches in the gym.

When you have to show your work and results to others, the difference in what you achieve is astronomical.

Ever wondered why a wedding, birthday or reunion with friends get’s your motivation sky high and pushing like never before?

It’s the ultimate form of accountability: There’s a deadline and you know the other people will be there.

So that dress you want to fit into becomes a MUST for you.

Then voila, that motivation drives you all the way to that goal.

So there it is, apply those 5 hacks and you will NEVER be stuck hitting the snooze button when you should be sweating.

If you’d like to supercharge that motivation even faster, then we do have a few spots left in our next women only body transformation program.

Training, nutrition plan, and accountability are all done for you, which = guaranteed results.

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Now go out there and choose to get motivated!

Talk soon,


Head Coach and Founder @ The Body Shapers

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