Your Holiday Survival Guide To Avoid The Xmas Blowout

Feeling like you need to set a new years resolution is not always ideal.

It often means we dropped off throughout the year.

But it’s definitely not ideal if you have to do it with a few extra kg’s to boot!

So I thought I’d share with you 5 strategies to survive the holiday period without a blowout.

There’s a lot of gold here to get through, so let’s get straight to it!

1. It’s not ‘All or nothing’

The most common mindset I see is the ‘well I’ve already stuffed up today with my eating, so may as well keep going’

Which works on the assumption that once you are ‘bad’ being worse doesn’t really have much more effect.

Which makes me giggle a little purely because the exact opposite is true.

If you go a little overboard with dessert one night, but then notice your ever growing food baby and stop, you’ve done minimal damage.

Nothing a power walk the next day and smart eating won’t balance out.

BUT, if after blowing out a little on dessert you enter ‘I don’t give a s*** mode’ and then have 2 more servings and another glass of wine, that’s the issue

It’s those extra indulgences that mean instead of being back to level after one day it’s one week.

It’s never all or nothing… it’s always a continuum of better to worse.

So if you feel yourself slipping, ask yourself this powerful question:

Of what I’m doing/ about to do, what could be just a little better?

THAT answer is the key.

2. Stay accountable

This is in 2 ways:

Firstly, being accountable to a trainer or another person goes wonders.

No one likes to let someone else down who stays on top of them.

But what I really mean with this is stay accountable to you.

And accountable to your body.

I know things like body weight aren’t the only thing you should measure to assess progress, but it’s a quick and easy one.

Hey, I COULD suggest you get a tape measure out after Xmas lunch to check your waist! (luckily I’m not that crazy).

But by still looking at the scales you will have a nice reality check that will motivate you to keep control throughout the holiday times.

Avoiding them because your worried about what it might say is like never checking your bank account because you’re worried about being broke…

It doesn’t change how much money is there.

Trust me, it will motivate you more regardless of the result

3. Budget and balance out

There are 2 parts to this:

Firstly, you can ‘budget’ calories and food for bigger meals.

This just means for a few days before the big Xmas lunch you eat a bit lighter, keep it to lean meats and protein + stay active.

This gives you more lead way for a bigger meal on the day without overshooting.

Option number 2 is a little more reactive, but that’s to balance out after a bigger day of eating.

This means over the next few days purposely eating less and keeping it to lower calorie/ more nutrient-dense foods.

This will cancel out the bigger day when done correctly.

The caveat is you must actually be strict on these follow up days.

If you have a hard time dealing with hunger it can be tough to not let yourself go on these days.

Which defeats the whole purpose of the tactic.

If you can suffer a little, however, then this can be a very simple way to enjoy a big day of eating with no long-term damage.

4. Eat smart

This is an obvious one, but when you can control what you’re eating still eat smart.

This means:

> Prioritising whole fruits and veggies at meals for health and nutrients

> Plenty of lean protein to fill you up so you eat less of the other stuff

> Drink a lot of water

> Slow down when eating. Most people in social situations overeat before they even realise they’re full!

5. Stay active

They say you can’t out train a bad diet, but, I’d argue you can out train a semi-bad diet (cause I’m sneaky like that).

Meaning, if you stay active (or get active) you can definitely negate the effects of a few splurges.

You certainly won’t burn off an entire pavlova with a morning walk the next day, but it still helps.

It ties into the all or nothing mentality from earlier….

It’s not black and white.

Always look for something a little better.

And staying active with whatever exercise routine you’re in is DEFINITELY better.

What? Are you not in a consistent exercise routine already?

We should probably chat about that…

I mean, what is your biggest challenge at the moment.

We have a special New Years Challenge opening soon so it might be right for you if you need a kickstart.

So reach out to me through FB page ‘The Body Shapers’

Those above steps are still killer, so keep them in your forefront throughout.


Dave – The Body Shapers

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