The 3 Steps To Never Restart A Diet Again

Fun fact: there are over 1000 diets out there.

Everything from only eating certain colored foods, to basing it off your blood type, hell, there’s even a grapefruit only diet!

But, if you are reading this, chances are you still haven’t found one that’s ‘worked’ for you.

I put worked in inverted commas because as I’m about to show you, it’s not so much the diet, but a few other things that determine your success.

But here’s a quick example of why a lot of typical diet approaches fail….

Because as I said, there are a 1000 out there.

You’d think we would have found the best one by now.

You can literally google right now a few diets and find entire meal plans to stick on the fridge in minutes.

But, for 90% of women, that won’t work.

Let’s look at this example:

Let’s say you are going to teach your child how to drive.

Driving has quite a few steps involved to get to a point of competence.

Getting the pedal pressure and control right, steering, indicating, traffic movements etc.

So would you ever try to teach them by just jumping in the car, putting them in the passenger seat, driving around town for 10 minutes and saying ‘okay, that’s how it’s done, just do that…’?

Of course not!

So why the flying f*** do we just grab a diet or eating plan from the Internet, a book, a friend and try to instantly follow that perfect plan expecting to get it right?!

Eating healthy consistently and making it a lifestyle also has many components, just like driving a car.

There’s the actual foods, portion sizes, timing, getting to know your hunger, building habits or organization, having strategies for socializing… the list goes on.

But instead of learning them step by step like you would driving a car, we try to skip every step, grab the wheel, hope for the best and then beat ourselves up for crashing at the 2nd roundabout.

So if you’ve tried every diet you’ve come across before but never stuck to it, then this is probably incredibly relevant for you.

I’ll share with you the 3 S’s to success when it comes to finally making healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle a reality for any women.

These 3 steps when applied bulletproof you for finally building a fit, energy filled body through the right eating habits.

Ready? I hope so.

1. Simple

We just established that a lifestyle of healthy eating is a matter of building the necessary habits and skills.

As I said before things like mindful eating, being prepared, understanding portion sizes all have value.

A great example of this is when someone goes to a food choice like nuts for instance.

Great choice, high in fiber and magnesium (2 essentials a lot of women fall short on) and convenient.

BUT, they don’t understand mindful eating. So they pick away at said nuts without even realizing what they are doing….

Which is probably blowing over their calories substantially.

Then they wonder why the scales haven’t budged even when they are now ‘eating clean’

So we need to build each of these habits and skills.

The first concept to understand is no matter where you begin with this, it must be simple changes you make.

Simple and clear changes give you confidence.

So maybe it is just starting with people more mindful of your eating?

Stopping at 80% full and eating slowly.

Just start with that if that’s an area you feel you can improve on.

But whatever it is, ask yourself ‘how confident am I 1-10 in what this habit is and my ability to do it?’

It should be at least 7 or above.

Otherwise, the habit must be a bit unclear,  complicated, or just too much at this stage.

If you build your confidence with this system you’ll gain a very important weapon: momentum.

Momentum will mean you stack these habits and before you know it you are way ahead of the starting position.

2. Segmental

Now we know we need to start simple, but another key that goes side by side with that is being segmental.

Meaning, break habits and tasks down into their smaller parts.

Instead of ‘start eating healthier’ make it ‘eat 5 serves of colourful fruits and veggies each day this next week’

See how we got specific and broke that down into a very clear starting point?

Just eating your veggies and fruits is not every single aspect of healthy eating, but if we start there we can build on that with the next habit.

Don’t try to tackle massive changes at once.

It’s like teaching the child how to change lanes, switch gears and adjust the radio at once.

The crash is inevitable.

3. Supported

It’s all well and good to have a simple and broken down plan of attack, but it can still go wrong.

You can still hit roadblocks and obstacles,

or just creep into a bad funk.

Maybe you just won’t know what that next step is?

All of these things are alleviated with the right support.

Having someone else invested in your goals, who understands your challenges and can remind you why you started cannot be underestimated.

The BEST people in the world in business, sports, entertainment you name it have coaches and mentors.

They take the risk of failure out of the equation by committing to that support person to follow through.

Because the best plan in the world that doesn’t get executed is useless.

I recently went to a Fitness Business Conference run by an extremely successful PT and entrepreneur named Bedros Keullian and he has an expression that goes:

‘You only get paid for done’

In the fitness world, your body and health will only change with done.

With following a plan you lay out consistently.

Week after week until they are unconscious habits.

Coaches, support groups, anyone giving you accountability speeds that process up 10x.

It is always a wise investment if you are tired and frustrated of starting over.

Bonus ‘S’ – Self-Belief

I thought I’d throw in one last bonus S because I also know how much this impacts your success.

When you actually have a strong belief that you can change, that you can conquer your demons and that you are capable of achieving your goals, you are halfway there.

You need to convince yourself that the past does not equal the future.

That no matter how many times you’ve started and stopped, that they just moved you one step closer to the right strategy.

That they were all learning curves and you are stronger now.

You cultivate that self-belief by working on you, on your thoughts and the people you are around.

Then you take action and build momentum…. then before you know it, you can’t imagine not believing in yourself.

Let all that sink in, then take the action, and you’ll never look back.

David – The Body Shapers

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