3 Secret Steps To Destroy Sugar Cravings

Adult humans are meant to have a few types of teeth:

8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, and 12 molars in fact….

But a few of us have managed to defy physiology and snuck a sweet tooth in there as well!

If you’d be signing up to chocoholics anonymous or have a whole shelf in your pantry of sweets, then read on.

We can joke about it all we want but if you have yo-yoed with your body and healthy eating attempts in the past, then the sugar habit needs to go.

Or at least become controlled…. in fact I’d argue most women can get great results for their body without signing up to the ‘I quit sugar’ club.

Most of them see sugar as an all or nothing kind of topic.

When really, by gaining the control of yourself and appropriate moderation, you can keep the treats but drop the tummy.

Moderation > deprivation…. can I get an amen?

However, the challenge I’ve seen time and time again from the women we’ve coached is that moderation is easier said than done.

One square of chocolate often becomes the block.

Or picking at a few of the kids treats turns into a binge-a-thon.

The cravings are real and they turn the healthy moderation concept into a fantasy.

That’s where these 3 steps come into play.

They’ll be your secret weapon to slashing these cravings.

It won’t happen overnight, but apply them and you’ll feel in control of your eating instead of your cravings controlling you.

Which means you are one big step closer to healthy, confident body and life.

Let’s dive in!

1. Get Enough Sleep

Easily one of the most common culprits of these cravings is mild sleep deprivation.

Often when you find yourself looking endlessly into the pantry for a sweet hit it has a lot to do with a lack of sleep.

When we don’t get enough sleep, or poor quality sleep, our brain and blood sugar levels don’t function optimally.

In fact, some research demonstrated that after just 3 nights of sleep deprivation normally healthy adults ended up with blood sugar readings similar to a type 2 diabetic!

You should never take one study as truth, but this is more just for an example of the type of effects lack of sleep can have.

Due to this, we crave sweeter foods and often overeat without even realising (up to 20% more calories unconsciously has been demonstrated)

Anecdotally I’ve seen this many times from our clients and even myself.

So this is a fantastic place to start, instead of just praying for your will power to save you every afternoon when the 3 o’clock slump hits.

ACTION STEP: Get an average of 7-8 hours a night sleep across the week.

If you find you don’t sleep well, try supplemental magnesium, keeping the room cool and dark, or even journaling before bed to clear your mind.

2. Fuel Your Body With A Nutritious Diet

One of the most effective methods I’ve found to counteract common cravings is to actually focus more on what you ARE eating, then what you AREN’T.

Sometimes when we dwell on what we shouldn’t do, we subconsciously make ourselves want it more because we can’t have it!

Aren’t our bodies strange?

Instead, look at giving your overall daily eating a nutritious over haul via adding in the right foods first, not just focusing on taking away.

This will do 2 things:

  1. It will naturally displace some of the ‘bad’ food you may crave simply because you are more satisfied from the ‘good’ food.
  2. You’ll give your body a better balance of the ideal vitamins and minerals for optimal functioning.

These are called micronutrients and play a huge role in energy production in your body.

So instead of feeling like you need that external pick me up from the sugar hit, your own engine will be working better giving you naturally more energy to push through an afternoon from hell.

ACTION STEP: Begin adding one extra serve of veggies and fruits to your daily eating.

Work your way up to 5 servings a day of colourful veggies and fruits.

I know it’s not ground breaking, but are you actually doing this consistently? 

You’re much better off getting these basics right before you try some funky detox plan, herbal tea or exogenous ketones… trust me.

3. Get to know your emotions and REAL cravings

We eat and crave food for a variety of reasons…. much more so than just plain old hunger

What’s crazy is that often those reasons are not even hunger!much more so than just plain old hunger

Ever experienced just finishing dinner only to feel a crazy desire for a sweet hit straight after?

You just ate, so it sure isn’t hunger!

If we could be perfectly attuned to our own hunger and bodies no one would ever really gain unnecessary weight.

We’d stop eating when we are full, start again when we are hungry and our bodies would keep up balanced.

But unfortunately, a crazy little thing called ’emotions’ rears its head.

Often causing us to eat out of reasons not related to hunger.

As they say, stressed is desserts backwards!

This could be a huuuuge topic to try totally cover here, so I’ll give you a great starting point.

Start to become aware of actual hunger/ desire for food VS filling an emotional need.

If you pay attention you may realise those urges to eat always come in a time of uncertainty or stress….

And that chocolate bar is just a way your body knows to get some comfort and certainty back into the situation.

So you have a connection in your brain that says ‘when I get flustered, stressed etc I must turn to said chocolate bar’

There are other specific emotions such as frustration, disappointment and boredom that for some might turn them to the pantry.

Begin by slowing yourself down and asking an important question:

‘Am I REALLY hungry right now? Or am I eating for another reason? If I was to describe how I’m feeling right now when I want ‘X’ what would it be?’

These are eye opening questions that over time will get you back in control of your eating and body

ACTION STEP: When cravings do kick in, stop to recognise if it’s real hunger or emotions at play.

Try to get clarity on what emotions you’re feeling as well as what the food represents to you.

Take these actions and in no time those cravings will be a thing of the past!

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Talk soon,


Founder @ The Body Shapers

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