Flipping The Diet Script: A Different Approach To Nutrition

You know what most of the diet advice looks like nowadays right?

‘NEVER eat this’

‘ONLY eat these foods at THIS exact time’

‘You have to quit carbs/ sugar/ fat/ meat/ insert any food item you want here really’

Have you ever wondered why with ALL this diet advice Australia’s rate of obesity and health conditions is still rising?

I don’t know exactly why, but we can all see this type of thinking is not the answer.

Telling women it’s just black and white with their diet is failing.

‘If you want to lose weight no more bread or pasta’

‘Don’t eat at night otherwise instant fat’

‘Eat 7 small meals a day because….metabolism!’

Let me flip this script for you, accomplishing 2 things:

1. Actually giving you the strategy to getting long-lasting results

2. Stopping you from depriving yourself of your favorite foods due to some random person trying to sell you into their methods.

Does that sound good? I thought so.

So, here’s the hierarchy you should learn if you want to eat to look and feel good.

If you treat this as your order of priorities when eating, you’ll see nearly effortless results

#1 How much are you eating?

When you eat, learn to pay attention to your body and your appetite.

Out natural hunger cues are a built in body fat thermostat, most people just ignore them.

Focus on eating until you are no longer hungry, not until you are totally full.

One of my favourite sayings popularised by Precision Nutrition is:

‘Eating until satisfied, not stuffed.’

This naturally controls calorie intake which is the MOST important thing for weight loss.

Certainly not the only thing, but the most important based on current evidence (regardless of what detoxing or carb-haters out there will try to convince you).

#2 How are you eating?

A lot of people never even ask this question, but how do you eat?

Do you slam breakfast down while standing up at the bench making kids lunches?

Do you inhale lunch while replying to emails or driving in the car?

Do 2 servings of dinner fly off your plate because you are so engrossed in what’s on TV?

In these examples it is extremely difficult to NOT overeat…. not too mention our digestive system probably won’t work as well.

By rushing through your eating and not focusing on eating mindfully, you sabotage point #1 from above.

It’s pretty tricky to tap into your natural fullness cues when you are absorbed in the next ninja warrior contestant.

Instead, make a conscious decision to eat slower and more mindfully.

Sitting down for all meals, minimising distractions and actually taking in the food you eat.

It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures, so why not actually stop to enjoy it?

#3 Why are you eating?

Next up, we need to consider why are we eating?

‘Cause I’m hungry, duh!’

Not so fast, people surprisingly often eat for a number of reasons other than hunger.

For example, we can eat out of boredom.

Out of stress or seeking comfort.

Sometimes we just want a distraction.

It could be social pressure.

Or even just because hyper- palatable food is readily available (ever found yourself searching through the pantry cause you know there are some goodies in there?)

If we actually only ate for hunger reasons, are body would again naturally keep a healthy weight and appetite.

Slowing down to understand why you are eating and working towards making that answer pure hunger most of the time is a lifelong skill with priceless value.

#4 What are you eating?

Now we get to what most people want to focus on FIRST but should really be a bit further down.

What we eat is definitely important, but really, we can make this super simple.

Focus on eating lean proteins, colourful fruits and veggies, some healthy starches and healthy fats 90% of the time.

Then the other 10% don’t stress, if it is really just 10% of your eating it won’t cause any issues.

Don’t overcomplicate this, many different diet types work when you are following all the above rules.

#5 When are you eating?

Finally, when and how frequently do eat comes last.

This is at the bottom for a reason, it is the LEAST important.

Whether it’s 6 meals a day or intermittent fasting, it actually makes only a tiny difference.

Really, when you eat should just be a matter of convenience.

Find a schedule of eating most practical for you.

One that allows the greatest consistency.

Then don’t worry about it.

The ‘carbs at night are bad’ or ‘must eat every 3-hour’ myths have been long busted.

I know that’s a lot, but this new blueprint is your key to eating success.

Take it step by step and you’ll be amazed at the results.

If you need more guidance or support with it, reach out and myself or one of our team of coaches can help you along your journey.

In fact, just click below for our well known 28-day body transformation kickstart program 100’s of local women have used to finally reach their goals.

Talk soon,

Committed to your long-term fitness success,

David – The Body Shapers

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