How To End ‘I’ll Start the diet again on Monday-itis’

I’ve heard it too many times….

‘Well I stuffed up on my eating today and it is Thursday, so I guess I’ll start again on Monday!’

Honestly, I wish I could erase the phrase ‘I’ll start again on…’ from the English language.

But be honest, how many times have you said it?

‘I’ll start again next week’

‘I’ll start again in the new year’

‘I’ll start again when work settles down’

‘When the kids stop doing ‘X’ ‘

‘When I have more energy’

The list goes on….

And I call all forms of this the ‘pause button’

Because that’s what we’re doing, right?

We’re putting a pause on where we want to be.

We’ve decided that we want to lose weight, get fit and feel better.

Decided that it’s important to us, and enough is enough of feeling how we do now.

But then, we go and pause those goals!

Knowing we are setting said goals back a few days, months or even years.

But we keep doing it!!

Sometimes causing us to take 2 steps forward followed by 1.9 backward.

Dragging out these goals to the point where we get so demotivated that these ‘pauses’ start looking a lot like ‘stops’.

So the important question is: if you’re a repeat offender of the ‘pause button’ or even paused right now, what do you do about it?

Well, this may seem silly, but the first thing to accept is you must starting doing SOMETHING different.

Otherwise, if you think some other result is going to happen, I believe Mr Einstein said that’s the definition of insanity.

Once we’ve established that, here’s one tactic that will break this cycle that I have found to be most effective with the 100’s of women I’ve worked with at my facility:

  1. The ‘a little better’ mindset

What I find is the biggest reason we feel like we need to press the ‘pause button’ or start again next week is we treat healthy eating like it’s black or white.

As in, you’re ‘on’ the plan or ‘off’ the plan.

And because of this, being slightly off is no different to completely off.

Therefore when life happens and we can’t stick to our original angel like food intentions, we convince ourselves it’s not worth doing anything until we can get back to ‘on’ mode.

So that leads us to the pause button and starting again when (insert X) happens.

Instead, when you find the weekend comes around and you’ve already gone a little off the plan, here’s what to ask yourself.

‘Yes I’ve gone a bit off track, but what would be a little better than what I’m about to do/ currently doing?’

That’s it. That question is so powerful.

What would be a little better?

It may be one less glass of wine, choosing the veggies instead of the chips, or getting a 30-minute walk in first thing in the morning.

But by identifying something just a little bit better, then doing it, you’re now NOT completely pausing your goals.

This accomplishes 2 things:

  1. It physically doesn’t set you back as far as what you normally do

As I mentioned, the typical mindset is ‘well I’m already bad, so what does it matter if I do worse?’

Which may seem like nice logic to go for piece of cake no. 3, but it’s actually dead wrong.

Maybe you took 2 steps forwards during the week, then 1/2 back on Friday night.

But because you take the ill-advised mindset above, now the weekend becomes a write-off and you take ANOTHER 1 1/2 back.

My dad was a maths teacher, so I know that 2-2 = 0.

So, Monday is now literally starting again.

However, if you had taken the 1/2 back on Friday, then only another 1/2 back on the weekend, you still went 1 forwards!


All by being a little better (which is far from perfect).

2. Mentally, you still feel like you are moving towards your goals.

Because you are doing something, even it’s just a fraction better, you are still keeping your goals in your front of mind awareness.

You don’t feel like you’ve written them off, and that’s very empowering.

As humans, we feel good when we take steps towards a worthwhile goal.

It’s fulfilling.

And you can still have that by just doing something.

So this dragged out a little, when I get on a passion rant it tends to happen, but I hope you took value from it.

I’d love to know, knowing this, what will be one little thing you can do better straight away?

I’m curious, so reach out to us on our FB page here >



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