When One Bite Becomes The Whole Block: Beating The Binge

Ever wondered why you can begin eating a treat with the best intentions only to see it all gone in the blink of an eye?

I want to help you understand that AND beat that habit. 

But first, just last week we launched a brand new body transformation challenge in the gym…

So this week was the end of week 1 and time for a group check-in to make sure the ladies were on track.

It was awesome to see after just the first week most of the girls dropping 1-2kg’s.

So we started discussing the nutritional changes a lot of them had made so far to already be seeing results.

The most common things were getting more organised with daily food and using some of the healthy recipes we gave them.

But for a few of the girls, their biggest win so far was breaking one of their most persistent habits…

The chocolate habit.

Specifically, we discussed the incredible phenomenon I like to call ‘I may as well eat the whole thing’ mode.

It’s a common scenario that occurs when an innocent bite of a chocolate (or another treat) turns into an empty wrapper.

The trouble with this is you almost erase an entire week of hard work with one moment of mindlessness.

And most of us know this right?

We know that if we polish off a whole block in one sitting there will be some consequences…

We all throw around the word ‘moderation’ like we are self-control kings and queens.

Yet why is it so easy to justify to ourselves finishing the whole thing?!

That’s what I want to dissect for you now, so you can cultivate this elusive trait known as ‘willpower’

Because what’s crazy is that ‘will-power’ becomes almost unnecessary when you change your mindset and perspective.

So let’s talk about leaving it at a bite vs going through the whole block…

Perspective change #1: Once it’s gone it’s gone.

This is a seemingly lovely little expression to give us permission for a binge-a-thon, but it really makes no sense.

The reality is, if you eat all of the food in question now, you are shovelling in all those calories far quicker than if you spread it out.

If you actually finish that food now and don’t replace it later, then it’s not so important.

But what actually happens?

We finish it all now, then get something else in another day or two!

So really, the expression should be: ‘once it’s gone, it will be replaced’

Perspective change #2: I’ve already over done it so more won’t hurt

Another perspective that gives us the permission slip to eat through stomach pains.

We tend to look at it as black and white: I’m either sticking to my eating plan, or I blew it and I’m off it.

The truth?

Going slightly off or over your food plan really has minimal impact on your results.

Perfection is not required, in fact, it’s often counterproductive.

If we realise that it’s a continuum, and a few nibbles of a calorie dense food in the grand scheme of things does almost nothing, we can keep a level head.

It’s only when we then throw logic out the door and overdo it do we actually set our goals and body back.

The second you decide to stop over eating is the second you start moving towards your goals again.

Read that again if you need to.

Perspective change #3: Your restrictive diet is probably to blame.

The final mindset that causes us to over eat is this thought process:

I have a restrictive diet, so when I do go off the plan I know I’ll have to be back on track the next day, so I may as well make the most of it now.’

We feel like the shackles are now off for a night, so before being chained up again let’s run loose as much as possible.

This stems from either your mentality towards your diet/ eating plan OR your actual plan is way too restrictive.

Now look, dropping excess weight takes a reduction in calories…

Over time, this will always cause some level of wanting to eat a bit more of more palatable foods.

But if you are frequently feeling the urge to binge and one bad bite = a blowout, you need to rethink your ‘diet’.

You probably have too strict boundaries on what you are allowing yourself to eat OR are eating way too little.

Take a good look at those variables and get professional advice if you aren’t sure of the answer.

Otherwise, those urges aren’t going to leave you.

It won’t happen overnight, but if you take these perspective changes on board, you’ll feel in control of your eating 24/7.

Which will give you every result you want with your body.


The Body Shapers

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