Our Treasured Clients And Their Transformations

When a member of ours makes a massive transformation both physically and mentally, we like to sit down and use their story as a case study to help educate and inspire other women to do the same. Here's a few of our favourites:

Jane dropped over 10kg's of fat and has easily been able to keep it off

Lola has lost 18kg's since starting with us and can now do 8 chin-ups with her own bodyweight!

Kaye went from 0 exercise to losing over 10kg's AND enjoying every workout

Mikki has lost almost 10kg's and 2 dress sizes even with type 2 diabetes!

What Some Of Our Other Members Are Saying

Samantha Ellsmore Samantha Ellsmore

 I  am a mother of 2 young beautiful girls. I have been part of an outdoor training group but found after some time that I was starting to plateau in terms of losing weight and wanting to train. I was looking to make a step into something different and had heard about The Body Shapers on Facebook and went to speak to David about the 4 week fitness furnace program.

After deciding to join, I found I really enjoyed the training and nutritional input that David constantly provided, whether it be at the gym or online. After the first few weeks, I started to notice changes in my body shape and now having been at The BodyShapers for 8 weeks and losing a total of 15CM's in body fat, I was even able to fit into a size 6 dress today!

I have been to many gyms before but haven't seen the type of results I am getting in terms of losing weight and building strength. I have put this down to David's training & motivational style which has kept me wanting to consistently turn up to training each week.

David's indepth knowledge of real technical elements and variety of training (ie strength and cardio) has enabled me to get the best results. I train in a small group of friendly & fun women, however the support David provides makes you feel like you are getting a 1:1 personal training session.

Jenna Neale Jenna Neale

David and everyone at The Body Shapers make you feel at ease, the culture created in the gym is one of support, hard work and some fun along the way.

My personal fitness goals are supported and I am secure in the knowledge that The Body Shapers knows how to me there.

I've been training here for 3 months and have already achieved better results than anything else I've tried over the last 5 years! Plus my mindset means I'm more likely to stick with good eating and good workouts.

Debbie Kemp Debbie Kemp

I started training with The Body Shapers after seeing an advertisement that talked about changing one’s body shape. I was not overweight but had been feeling a little flabby since the birth of my second child. He was now 3, so it was certainly time I got myself some body confidence back.

Prior to my routine being turned upside down by motherhood and business, I had always been very active… I liked the idea of feeling strong again, and of being pushed to get maximum results. I’d been healthy in the food department for some time, but had never counted macros or calories, and was open to giving it a try.

In my first month of training 3 times a week and sticking to my macros and calories, I lost 3.5cm off my waist, 4cm off my muffin top and 3.5cm off my bum. Woo hoo!

5 months on, I am still enjoying my training sessions and my body continues to change. I am feeling confident about getting into a bikini this summer. Along the way I have really enjoyed the personal challenge of getting stronger by lifting more. When I started I couldn’t do push ups on my toes, now I can do 12 several times. I was far from doing a chin up and I can now do 3. I have doubled how much weight I can squat and deadlift and recently cracked 100kg on the hip thrust. In reality those numbers don’t mean much, but I absolutely notice the extra strength from day to day and look forward to feeling the difference when summer sport starts.

One of the best things about training with The Body Shapers is the flexibility Dave offers in allowing it to fit in with my busy life. There are sessions at a range of times and when I need to bring my kids, that’s ok. I also love that I just turn up and get told what to do, challenged to progress, and that I’m closely supervised so that I can always lift with good and safe technique.

Finally, I have to say, that everyone I train with is awesome! The environment at The Body Shapers is encouraging, friendly, and supportive. Come play with us!

Bonnie Lowe Bonnie Lowe

After wasting my money on multiple gyms and trainers over the years, David at Body Shapers is getting me the results I have always wanted, I always look forward to training and love having more energy to deal with everyday life.

Alison Rowe Alison Rowe

I trained with Dave for 3 months with my main aim to loose the baby weight and get fit again. I was so happy with my results. I lost 10cm around my waist, 10cm from my chest and 12.5cm from my hips. With a total loss of 6kg, I'm now fitting back into my clothes and feeling strong and fit.

I was challenged with each training session and loved that each one was different so it kept me motivated. I concentrated on my nutrition which Dave helped me with and even a fitness plan while I was away on holidays.

Dave is a great trainer and without him I would not have been able to achieve these results.

Julie-Ann Hinschen Julie-Ann Hinschen

David and I worked together with the goal essentially to lose weight and tone up for my upcoming wedding. In the time we worked together I lost 11cm from my waist and 13cm from my hips!

I like that David saw that I had obvious weaknesses at first, so to avoid injuries he worked on strengthening those areas as well working on my cardio fitness.

David was very approachable in working out a schedule that was affordable for me and it was definitely a great investment!

I feel more confident in myself, as well as healthier and fitter. Thank you David, I'm looking forward to fitting into my wedding dress now, to the point that it now has to be brought in!

Angela Karafotias Angela Karafotias

I've been working with David and The Body Shapers for the past 14 weeks and in that time my fitness and stamina has increased dramatically. I've lost 7.5kg and 8% body fat. My waist dropped 13cm and my chest 10cm

David was very accommodating with times as I have 2 young children that I had to work around, but we made it happen.

David is great to train with and I couldn't be happier with our results thus far

Alana Perry Alana Perry

I sought the help of Dave during my 12 week challenge at the gym. I found his technical knowledge of exercises and anatomy impressive. He was able to tailor the workout to make sure I was working the right areas and took the time to explain and demonstrate good technique ensuring I was getting the best results whilst avoiding injury.

He was always encouraging and knew when to push me that bit further when I was ready to give up. I achieved my goals for the 12 weeks challenge and know that I couldn't have done it without Dave's guidance.