Can You Walk Your Way To A Toned Body?

Is getting through your 10,000 steps a day enough to go from flab to fab?

The reality is…. it probably isn’t.

Let’s look at WHY and then of course WHAT to do about it.

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As we covered in the video, walking burns a few calories yes, but it’s easy to overeat and offset any calorie burn via food.

Alongside that, because walking is low intensity, it doesn’t build any lean muscle tone on your body.

This means that you won’t be firming up those trouble areas anytime soon.

Without increasing your lean muscle tone, your metabolism will only get slower as you lose weight… this makes it more difficult to maintain weight loss.

The solutions

  1. Start with nutrition

Get your eating right first as this will be the quickest way to start changing your body.

2. Emphasise higher intensity resistance training

By focusing on resistance based training you can build back that firm muscle tone while also increasing your metabolism.

A win-win for your body!

Hopefully, you had some great takeaways from this and can apply them to build your fit body.


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